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Topic: Referal Program

Hey everyone!

I was looking for a nice referal Mod, unfortunatly it does not exist at the moment.

What I need:

- Unique Referal link (everyone gets their own unique link, for example: www.domain.com/forums/refer.php?id=23).

- When someone goes to that link, it basicly goes to the register screen. When the person completes the registration, the person gets a referal point, show below:


I tried it a bit, I wasn't able to do it :\...

I know how to do the registation part and the part that would right the referal + 1 every time registers, but I woulnd't know how to add one to a certain user for example user 23. (link above)

Thanks alot!!

~ ultime

Re: Referal Program

easiest way would be to add a new field to the members table to hold the amount of referrals.

Re: Referal Program

yes but how would I made it add it automaticly when someone registers from a certain link?

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Re: Referal Program

this would be a VERY welcome mod for my future setup.
suggestion: maybe in each person's profile it has the name of the referer?

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Re: Referal Program

I'll see what I can whip up, give me a day or two

I enjoy pie :)

Re: Referal Program

even i want this type of feature

Re: Referal Program

i think this feature is thr in other forum softwares and it is very useful

so maybe some 1 could make it