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Topic: Suspending Users?

I was wondering if anyone would make a mod that would suspend a user so they can still view the board, but not post for a specific duration. Sometimes people just don't deserved to be banned, but not be able to post.

Right now, I have a usergroup called "Suspended", but I need it modified so it can do this. :\

Re: Suspending Users?

You don't need it modified, you just unset posting permissions for the group

Re: Suspending Users?

Yeah, but I want to make it so when I send them to that group, it lets me enter a certain number of hours, and then it automatically sends them from the suspended users group, to their original group, so they can post again.

It's like taking their posting privs. away for 5 hrs only, and then it will let them post again after the 5 hours without you actually transferring them out of the suspended users group ;x

Re: Suspending Users?

? yikes