Topic: Need some help with hosting!

Hi everyone!

I have a question. Do you know any good free hosting with php/mysql?

Im running a mod for HL2 and its very well known in the community now and people are asking for a forum. The real site is in the works and will take some weeks to be done, so i cant get hosting on like i was suppose to.

So basicly, do you guys know any good hosting that support php and mysql? its only a temp server, i will move the whole thing when i get hosted on (I can move everything easy eh?).

If you dont know any good host maybe i can borrow some space from your private server?


Re: Need some help with hosting!

Look a bit further down on this subforum, or click this text

Furthermore search is a helpful function wink

Re: Need some help with hosting!

There is nu such thing as "good free hosting". It's a contradiction in terms :)

If you're desperate:

"Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life."

Re: Need some help with hosting!

Well, thanks anyway guys, i think it worked it self out smile