Re: Hacked by Altan

CodeXP wrote:

What this does, is check if the specified server responds to a "ping". If it doesn't, well, you'll get the invalid e-mail adress error message. It won't do much good if the "hacker" really specifies a real e-mail domain, but he didn't in this case, so then it would have blocked him smile

I made the tweak on my register.php, and tried registering with the email (fake), yet the registration still went throught. Any ideas?

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Re: Hacked by Altan

This topic has strayed off a bit too much. Also, I'm not that fond of a topic called "HACKED BY ALTAN" appearing on the front page all the time. Ergo sum, I'm closing it. Feel free to start a new topic if you want to discuss implementing extra security measures into PunBB.

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