Topic: LogIn/Register Users from outside punBB?

Hello, (excuse my modest english)
i would like to put punBB inside a self programmed Portal/Shop-Site. There is a running User-Administration filled with ca 5000 Users.

I'm just playin around with some ideas and would like to know from the punBB-Heads if these ideas are total unrealistic or if they are not so far away from possible to realise. I'm not the best coder of the world (i'm far away from that), but i think i can handle some php problems very well. smile

So ... my ideas: Every Portal-User that is logged in (in the portal) and clicks on a "forum" link comes to a Tunnel-Site where he gets 1) registered in the forum-db (if he is not already) and 2) logged in automatically in the forum and then gets forwarded to the forum.

1) My idea here is that i just fill the bb_users table with the username and password from the portal-userdata and add some default values to 'use_avatar', 'hide_email', 'save_pass' etc.. I think this is going to work. Maybe the Password-encoding (MD5?) is a problem?

2) I think i have to set special Cookie/Session-data to let punBB know the user is logged in. What exactly i have to write in the Cookie/Session is yet not clear, but i will go closer to this problem wenn number 1) is called "realistic".

I would be very thankful for some comments to my ideas and plans. Thank you for reading and your support.


Re: LogIn/Register Users from outside punBB?

Have a look in register.php. I believe you will find answeres to your questions there.

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Re: LogIn/Register Users from outside punBB?


thank you. I'm going to look into this file and try my best. I will let you know if it works.

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