Topic: disallow usernames

How do I disallow usernames? Like let's say I don't want a user registering with "bitch" in their username. As in bitchx.

Re: disallow usernames

The censor word list in administration also works on usernames.

Re: disallow usernames

But I don't mind if people say bitch..

The thing is I'd like to keep them from registering with names like "Admin" and "Moderator". These aren't words I want to censor.

There used to be something you could do in the config file to restrict names but I can't find a reference to it anymore.

Re: disallow usernames

By default, you can't register with any of the user group titles.

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Re: disallow usernames

a separate censorlist for usernames?

Re: disallow usernames

Sounds like an extension for 1.3! big_smile

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