Topic: Small usability suggestion

I noticed a small problem in user behaviour, the category name is kind of "lost" when you enter a topic, or when you go by the search page, so a user that searches for something, might end up in a different support forum than he intended in the first place (ie support for wrong product). This has happend to us quite a few times now.

I hacked the category name in myself in all the places where the specific forum name appears, including the searchpage, might want to consider adding that to core.

Just a friendly suggestion.

Moxiecode Systems


Re: Small usability suggestion

You mean if you are supporting several products which are the category names and you have forums with the same or similar names under each category then you can't tell where you are from the breadcrumbs and you don't know to which category search results relate.

If so, you are absolutely right, that is a usability issue. Furthermore, if you have two forums with the same name under different categories that will also fail to satisfy the WCAG accessibility guidelines. The question is what is the neatest way of getting the category name into the relevant places.

Re: Small usability suggestion

Yes that is what I mean (sorry if i wasn't clear).

I don't know where the best placement is, I hacked it in to the breadcrumbs all over the place, wasn't pretty but it got the job done.

A better placement would probabably be somewhere in the header, above the "menu" but the right of " Forum" title above?