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Topic: Add New User Group

Whenever I try and add a new group it says Error, unable to update group  If I could get any help that would be gtreat.

By the way, we have installed the following mods:

1.) Colored_Usergroups-1.0.2
2.) Dynamic Forum Statistics Image v1.0(this has nothing to do with it)
3.) Global_Moderation-1.0
4.) Private_Message_Mod-1.2.2
5.) users_online_today-101-en
6.) Custom_Pages_1.0

and we are using punbb version 1.2.4

EDIT: we've uninstalled all mods and it still doesnt seem to work so the mods i guess are not whats causing the prob

Re: Add New User Group

Why are you using 1.2.4? Thats asking to be "hacked".

Re: Add New User Group

because 1.2.10 barely has any mods for it

Re: Add New User Group

It has plenty of mods "for it"
Mod authors simply don't update their mods for every new version that comes out. If you edit the install_mod.php files for the current version and simply try and see if a mod works, it should

Re: Add New User Group

The mods that work with 1.2.4 will probably work with 1.2.10

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Re: Add New User Group

really?  lol.  how do i edit the install_mod.php to make it available to work for the version?

EDIT:  I'm guessing u go into the php file and just add 1.2.10 into the allow part where it shows what versions its allowed for?

Yup, it worked, thanks a lot guys.  Helped a lot smile