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I don't know if it comes with some plugin or not but i have this bug:


Please help me with that, maybe someone have the same problem ?

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Is that a clean install of admin_options.php, or have you edited it?


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Did it do that before you made any alterations to your board?

Have you done anthing to the stylesheets.

What version of Firefox is that.

Does it do the same thing in Safari.

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i think, it's an error in the administration CSS (maybe 'style/imports/base_admin.css'?), and it also depends on the forum style (in my case, Zoey B&W) - styles with fixed width (?)
here it's in Firefox 1.0.7
but it doesn't depend on browser - it's same in Opera

i will take a closer look on it, but what about this part of style..?

#adminconsole fieldset td    /* line 12 in style/imports/base_admin.css */
    padding-left-ltr-source: physical;
    padding-left-rtl-source: physical;
    padding-right-ltr-source: physical;
    padding-right-rtl-source: physical;

sorry for my english...


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This are my plugins:

    * Example
    * Global topic
    * Languages and styles
    * Broadcast Email
    * DB management
    * Merge Forums
    * EasySmiles
    * Private messaging
    * Calendar Settings
    * ChatBox

Chatbox and Calendar installed yesterday.
The bug i checked in Firefox 1.5 an IE ( it is showing).


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syntax_error: I have no idea what that is, it is not part of a standard PunBB stylesheet. It looks more like the kind of thing produced by some kind of stylesheet parsing tool.

Can anybody reproduce this problem on a standard install of PunBB?

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Re: See this bug

Glad or not glad to see that not only i got this problem sad smile

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Paul wrote:

It looks more like the kind of thing produced by some kind of stylesheet parsing tool.

i think so. it's not in specification. but then it has probably no effect.

input fields have defined attribute size. value 50 seems just too much for some styles with fixed width.
so, some modifications in CSS are enough. just set the width of input elements on 100%.

i will find some way, how to integrate this.

btw, using of uppercase for element specifications (and even for attributes) in CSS is deprecated. XML (and even XHTML, of course) is case-sensitive; yes, it works with uppercase, but if you want a better validity...


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ok thanx syntax_error for your work on it.
glad that someone try to figure it out because the bug is annoying.
thanx and i will check if you solve that error in future.

cheers, coxis


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syntax_error: From my point of view 1.2 css is well and truly obselete. Don't worry, the 1.3 stylesheets are fully conformant. All I want to know is whether this problem happens in a standard install of PunBB. If it doesn't then its related to mods so it isn't a bug.


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Yes it is not a bug.
It happend after plugin install but if so there will be no help ?
To find a reason of this i will probably make a big work.
See how i install plugins (many php modification) and try to delete some of them.......
I just hope someone see this bug and yet resolve it.

Re: See this bug

it's not related to mods - it has to do something with styles.
yes... on 95,84% it's caused by styles with fixed width. + attribut size in input elements

currently, the fastest fix which i found, is add this to style/imports/base_admin.css:

#adminconsole td input {width: 100%;}

it solves the overflow, but it has a lot of side effects.

i've tested this just with Zoey B&W style, but it should works with others... so try it.
btw, coxis, what style do you use?

iam afraid that a complete solution will need some deeper modifications. let's find out what...


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I use http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?id=537
I will try with thing you wrote later and tell you what is the result.


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Ok i am here, sorry for delay.

This help me : #adminconsole td input {width: 100%;}, but not so ideal solution that 100% width.
But works: http://guistyles.com/temp/bug3.PNG

How to make it in Profile: http://guistyles.com/temp/bug4.PNG