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I've only slightly modified it as I don't have the skills some other folks have, but I am very happy with the results...

Missouri and the US Civil War

Thanks for looking!


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This is great. I love the design and layout. I don't like the Google ads nor the Title Logo. It is hard to read in Opera.

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I like it smile

I can understand the google ads, as I'm a garage developer, and my ads are pretty much my income.

I'm viewing it in Flock (Firefox clone) and it looks wonderful.

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Re: One of my PunBB Sites

Thanks... I'm glad y'all like it.

The Google ad's are there to hopefully help draw some people in and the logo is the way it is because the text emulates the handwritting of the era (19th century).

I need to install Opera and see how it looks. I exclusively use Firefox, but have taken a look at the site in IE.

EDIT: I just installed Opera and Avant browsers and the site looks normal in both.

j2k4b, are you using an older version of Opera perhaps?