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Would anyone be interested if I were to provide this mod for download?  It creates a new profile field for your gamertag. then adds it to you posts.
like so

This is my first punbb mod btw.

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One of my users might like this very much.

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Yes.. I'd like this very much

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I'll package it up then. It requires a db alteration, a change in like 6 lines of code from 3 files.

I have noticed one error and I'm not sure how to fix it. If the gamertag is two words (Major Nelson) it only gets sent to the xbox site (Major ).  weird. I'll look at it when i wake up.

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I wouldn't use it, but maybe one of my users would like it. Perhaps if you continue to have issues with the code, you should post it here for people to have a look.


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Please email me when its ready. I'll test it out for you on my site/forum

Take care and thanks for the good work!

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I ran into some snags with it.  It is still on the way though. It would initially post the card. But if someone were to change their gamertag or decide they didn't want it then added it again later it would fail to update. :(

I took it off of the site until it's working properly

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working on an xbox style
just now i got to added all the images..hehe

My stuff or my style might sux, but atleast I'm willing to help when I can.
Don't be stupid and help ! We are the stupid one's !!!


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Bring this mod on!