Topic: Removing Attachment Mod Files

I'm running 1.1.5
I know I should update and I sure want to update but there are a couple of mods installed which are absolutely neccessary for my site and, I must admit, I've been struggling getting to grips with updates while retaining installed mods.
One of these is the Attachment mod.
I've set up a couple of test forums using punbb upgrades and Attachment mod upgrades while I tried to sort things out. Problem is this:
I can delete all files from the test forums except attachment directories which are;
depending on which version I had installed. I am unable to chmod to enable me to delete these (can chmod any other file but not these).
PLEASE can anyone tell me how I can get rid of these files

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Re: Removing Attachment Mod Files

my mod on 1.1.* didn't use files on disk, perhaps it was the upload mod you used?

either way, you can probably use the php chmod function to chmod folders of your liking...

chmod("upload/somefile", 0777);  // octal; correct value of mode

there's also some recursive stuff at the php manual page, if you look at the comments

(in the next version of my mod I'll let people choose during install what chmod to set, 750 seems not to be good enough for a bunch of people ... )

(or you could use chown() to chage user, or unlink() to remove files, all those have good instructions in the PHP Manual pages)