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I am a newbie to this and wish to install a forum on my web domain. I have uploaded all the files into a folder at the server and must be doing something stupid. the site details are www.cremolafoam.co.uk and the folder I have uploaded to is called 'forum' should I move them into the root directory and try the 'install.php' from there? Any other advice will be most welcome

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Well, if your webpage is www.cremolafoam.co.uk and you placed the forum in a directory called forum in the root, you should run URL_TO_YOUR_WEBPAGE/forum/install.php

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Re: Idiots guide required

Kendo, you have the same set up I have which is "www.something.co.uk/forum". Just run the install as "www.something.co.uk/forum/install.php". If you have already tried this, at what stage do you run into problems with the install.


I noticed that your site is showing Forbidden 403. You won't be able to run install.php if access to the site is forbidden. I also noticed that you domain is showing as "registration being processed". Is everything actually set up.