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I have to set up a very big school website in Germany. We created it with Typo3 to manage all of our sites.. (over 1.000 webpages with contents) (we are going to start a youth page about middle Germany) Well, we like to give our pupils the possibility to communicate, chat, write in boards and so one.. We allready have a chat, a message system and a comment system for our articles, but we also would like to have a board. The problem is, that Typo3  boards are really complicated and they don't have much features.. I would really like, no i would love, to see a punBB Integration for Typo3 via Extension, so that punBB would use Typo's Usersettings, and that Typo3 would be able to show the lastest posts, etc.. An option "create a board topic for this article" would also be nice.

Well, i can't pay for an integration, because we are working on a "we don't get money" project. But i could show adverts for punBB and for the creater of the integration..

So, plz punBB, pimp my Typo3 smile

Greets from Germany


Re: Integration with Typo3

It would be really nice, if you can integrate PunBB into Typo3, because then it is the best from the best from the best.
A awesome Forum plus a awesome CMS. At the moment there are only two forum's for Typo3 and both are terrible, difficult to use, and very slow.

In the rest I need a great forum almost for the same aspects as the poster above, I'm only creating a homepage for my school in Germany which has about 600 pupils.

The mix of Typo3 with PunBB would be resoult in incredible usability.

Also greets from Germany

Re: Integration with Typo3

Typo3 is a nasty beast to tame. Maybe posting to Typo3 site might see some interest.