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I searched around quite a bit for an answer, but never quite found the solution for this particular problem.

I basically want to have the title and text of the most recent forum thread and a link to that specific thread on the front page of my site (not my forum)...  I know that external.php can put out an unordered list, but I'd like the raw data (the forum title and the body of the most recent comment) to place in a specific spot on my current site.  The forums and this page both exist on the same server, but forums is in /forums/ and I'm working in root.

If anyone has answers or perhaps a link to a thread I've missed, it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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I've begun to integrate my site with my board also. I think this tidbit I got recently could be a start:

//Path from current location to forum folder
define('PUN_ROOT', './path/to/forum');
//This stops posts getting marked as read when people only view this page
define('PUN_QUIET_VISIT', 1);
//Load PunBBs functions and variables
require PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php';

Gives you access to all the punBB functions and a ton of variables.

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Brilliant.  I'll post a link to my implementation when (if?) I get things up and running.

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Anyone happen to know a good reference for available punbb tags (e.g. <pun_navlinks>)?

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Nevermind... seems as though I was really looking for PunBB's global variables and functions... and as I understand it, they get referenced via their db table names as found here:


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Ok, thanks for the help.  Got a TON figured out.  Here's a demo of my site, scheduled to go live soon.

The left column is powered by MT, the middle column is powered by Flickr, and the right column is powered by punBB.


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A link would be nice, eh?

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That dev page is a great resource, thanks for the link. Glad everything worked out for ya. A beautiful site layout you have, and makes great use of the punBB integration.