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Chacmool sends word that he has updated his previous migration tools and added a new tool for converting from vBulletin 3 to PunBB. There are now converters available for Invision Power Board 2, phpBB 2, MiniBB 1.7 and vBulletin 3. Great work! As usual, you can find the converters on the download page.

Update 2004-11-04: What used to be a series of converters has now merged into the PunBB Migration Tool. Kudos to Chacmool!

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Hej Rickard! Great work, the new version! But how long it takes the converter is ready you think???

Hope so soon...

Sorry for my bad english;)


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You'd have to ask Chacmool about that. I have nothing to do with the converter.

"Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life."

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hmm.. I mailed Chacmool but didn't hear anything of him..

Could you send him a message please?? Mabye you're more important than me wink


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what do you mean until its ready? it works now...

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Pay attention to the bold text... I asked when the converter is ready for convert phpbb 2.0 to punbb1.2 directly, without intercession of punbb1.1.*

PunBB Migration Tool
The PunBB Migration Tool is a utility for migrating to PunBB from a series of other forum software. It works by converting the database from the source forum into a PunBB database. The migration tool has been developed by David Djurbäck (a.k.a. Chacmool). In it's current version, the tool supports conversion from the following forum software:

Invision Power Board 1.3
Invision Power Board 2.0
MiniBB 1.7d
phpBB 2.0
PHPNuke 7.4
vBulletin 3.0.0
YabbSE 1.5.5
If you are currently running a forum that the migration tool does not support or if you've run into what you believe is a bug, contact David at chacmool at gmail dot com. The latest version of PunBB Migration Tool can be downloaded from the following location:

PunBB Migration Tool 1.0
As of this time, the migration tool does not support conversion to PunBB 1.2. In order to convert from one of the above products to PunBB 1.2, you will need to convert to PunBB 1.1.* and then upgrade to 1.2. Support for PunBB 1.2 is coming soon.

Please note that the migration tool is unofficial and that any support questions therefore should be directed to the author.

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Chacmool wrote:

I've now updated the converter so it can handle PunBB 1.2.

Download the beta here.

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How does one install this converter?