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I have recently changed the front page of www.neme.org to display feeds from different parts of the site. To achieve that I am using textpattern,  simplepie and a cron script to delete the cache once every 8 hours so as to allow new entries to be displayed (Don't ask... )

I am now faced with a problem regarding the feeds produced by punBB. Whereas the feeds produced by the textpattern installs in the site appear correctly (ie. Newest on top), punBB produces the feeds with the newest on the bottom. Furthermore, I am showing a limit of 10 titles and the newest entry does not appear either when using http://forum.neme.org/extern.php?type=R … ion=active or http://forum.neme.org/extern.php?type=R … action=new

Any help of how I can resolve this will be appriciated.

>Edit: I am currently using another txp plugin to display the forum and that works fine so I guess this is a simplepie problem

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I'm not sure I understand. Looking at the topic ID's in the PunBB feed, the newest topics seem to be at the top.

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Both feeds seem to be showing the latest post according to your forum (entitiled "Art is hope" at the time of viewing) and showing posts newest first. Also 15 posts are being shown, not 10.

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Rickard wrote:

I'm not sure I understand. Looking at the topic ID's in the PunBB feed, the newest topics seem to be at the top.

Hi Rickard.

Now it is on the top as I am using  the PunBB forum info plugin  to parse the feed and not simplepie. After I posted the above I thought of trying other methods which seem to be working so I did edit my post as my suspicion is that the problem lies with simplepie whom I have contacted already and asking for their views there

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It probably is Simplepie. I tried an experiment implementing the hatom microformat in punbb and the hatom parser I used atuomatically reversed the order of the feed. I presume because the setup was really for blogs where the newest comments are at the bottom.


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Hi Paul sorry for not acknowledging you in my previous post. We were posting at the same time. I have posted for help in the simplepie forum and hopefully someone will respond


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colak, I think the rss.php script would be a better fit for SimplePie: