Topic: install.php bug?

Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since I've posted, don't worry I didn't forget PunBB, it's still my favorite!

I was installing PunBB today and I encoutered this 'bug' (if we can call this a bug).

When you install PunBB and hit enter on the form (with all the fields filled), with let's say an invalid e-mail address, it will output a warning message.

An error occured.
PunBB reported: The administrator e-mail address you entered is invalid. Please go back and correct.

When you press back to fix the error, the "Start Install" button is blanked out and cannot be pressed again..

Not a big bug, but kinda pissed me off cause I had to re-do the form tongue!

Anyways thanks,


Re: install.php bug?

I had the same problem quite a few times, as it was my first time installing anything that required a database (screwed up quite a few times)

If I recall correctly though, you could make the button normal without erasing everything in the boxes. I believeusing the refresh button would do it. It's been awhile though, I could be wrong.

Re: install.php bug?

As Plubyblop said, just refreshing the page should keep the data but let you submit again
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