Topic: export to Google Groups?

Is there anyway I could export the contents of a PunBB forum to Google Groups?

(I don't want to start a discussion about why I am doing this or whether it is a good idea - as much as I like PunBB I am currently in a situation where this would be a very useful thing to do if there was any way to do it.)


Re: export to Google Groups?

copy and paste? tongue

If there isn't an import for google, then have fun copyin' and pastin'. If there is an import, then I think your going to have to ask elsewere for a way to export a punbb database to a compatible format.

echo "deadram"; echo; fortune;

Re: export to Google Groups?

It actually wouldn't work via database import. The main idea would have to be some system for e-mailing each comment to Google. Google imports via e-mail. Sorry I didn't make that clear.


Re: export to Google Groups?

PunBB has email functionality via the "subscribe" option which also has the option to include a plain text version of the post in the email. Maybe somebody could come up with a mod based on that.

Other than that I would have though you need some third party tool to extract the forum posts as email.

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Re: export to Google Groups?

Thanks. That is the kind of thing I was looking for. If only there were some way to make it go through and send out all the existing posts in the forum it would be perfect! I'm no programmer, but if I have time I'll see if I can make it work.


Re: export to Google Groups?

Have a look at this: