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Topic: Teralis embraces PunBB!

PunBB is pure greatness! Simple, cleanly coded, mod-able, and easy to tweak -- the definition of a versatile message board. No way I could have managed all I've done had I stuck with PhpBB (which I transfered over to PunBB). Modding and tweaking is fun and a great process to learn more advanced PHP with. Thank you PunBB.

Teralis (http://twalrpg.net/teralis/)
Teralis is an ancient world of fantasy, part of Twal RPG. Read and join the tales of warriors and travelers. Every character in this role-play is a unique creation of its user. Teralis was built to encourage creativity and support originality in the realm of fantasy.

? Using PunBB 1.2.11, but I promise I'll update soon!
? Installed the simple private messaging mod. Installed a BBcode buttons mod and tweaked it to look cleaner and work on more browsers.
? Installed languages are each correctly local set and utf8 encoded (had to update the Danish one's special characters to html codes; had to tweak Chinese one's local to accept strftime(%c)).
? Updated all date() uses to strftime() and included time locale setting within each language pack -- i.e. this shows preferred date & time display for the language/locale chosen.
? A sub-forum mod also installed, with fixes found on this board.
? Translated stylesheets of the partner website over to the forums.
? Some invisible editting allows logging into the forums also logs your into its partner website, and vice-versa -- both sharing each others' variables and databases.

Re: Teralis embraces PunBB!

Nice theme, looks like it took a while to make. In my opinion the green is a little heavy on the eyes, perhaps you could try different shades? Just too much green in my opinion smile

Just trying to help, good luck with your forum,

Re: Teralis embraces PunBB!

Hm. Now that I set my style back to green to look at it, it is a bit intense. Thank you for the comment, I'll get to toning it down or choosing a different default style.