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Topic: num_topics + num_posts help

Umm hello im just wondering if any of you guys could possibly help me out by telling how i could sort the top forums by adding the number of topics and the number of posts in a db query.

I think i got a hunch would you simply do this?

ORDER by num_posts AND num_topics

could you possibly do it that way? I want to be sure.

Re: num_topics + num_posts help

Adding as it 5 + 7? In that case you would do something like this:

SELECT blaha, yadda, num_posts + num_topics AS num_total FROM ........ ORDER BY num_total

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Re: num_topics + num_posts help

this would work on default? ill give it a try to see how it goes smile thanks in advance.


Re: num_topics + num_posts help

thanks alot rickard smile the code was successful!