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Topic: Category Div Ids

I think it would be a great idea to implement this in to punbb 1.3 smile

Have it so that each seperate category made has its own div id so that we may link to it by its caetgory name so its something like this url.com/index.php#CategoryName

you would do something like this if im not mistaken?

<div id="<? $cur_forum['cat_name']; ?>">

categories here


or however it would be set up.

Re: Category Div Ids

Isn't this the case currently? =/

Re: Category Div Ids

PunBB 1.3 already has this wink


Re: Category Div Ids

okay then good smile thank you for the info as for elbekko.....no i dont believe that this feature is already implemented in to punbb as far as each categorey goes.

Re: Category Div Ids

1.2 has this as well I just realized tongue