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Topic: hello punbb

so some silly person posted this at a forum I visit (that uses IPB):

It's called punBB (PunBB.org)

And it's way more effective then this board, Download it, install it
and change the css into the same as www.subspacedownloads.com
and you will have a better and more professional board.

ps. PunBB will save alot of bandwith and be much more customizable.

\\Victor Svedberg

...but I won't hold it against you tongue

I installed your board to take a look and it is quite nice
I do indeed enjoy the short upload time compared to IPB tongue

good luck with development

btw - any of you play SubSpace?
I know Sonera at least was hosting a couple zones.

Re: hello punbb

I'm glad you like it. I have no idea who this Victor Svedberg is, but I'm glad he likes it as well :)

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