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Ok, just got my paypal account verified. (added a bank acc, should take bout 2 days till it gets verified) anyways, how much excately do you think I'll need to spend to make my punbb forum look like this. (with a lot more members and stuff) I don't want any of the extra stuff that you don't need. I just want to run a good forum, that will be active. (Maybe a couple more stuff, depends on what you guys think, but not the useless crap) So, how much do you think it will all cost?

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BUT your hosting will cost you.  the best.  medium  super cheap

these are of course my opinion.

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Well, as for hosting, if you register your domain with GoDaddy, they give you free hosting.

This is on a Linux box, Apache, MySQL and PHP included. Just have to agree to have ads on the top of your site for the time being. I set up an account for someone and they are happy with it, when they feel they can justify a hosting package, then their site can move over without them touching a thing.

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Uhh, ok. Could you plz excately explain to me what hosting is. I mean,a while ago when I was trying to do this and it said on godaddy that it was around 10 bux a year. I know Ima need alot more help once my acc gets verified so could a knowledgable person of punbb add me to there msn. Im

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if only there were something online that let you search on particular topics to find out more information...

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^laptops gone, im on my psp right now. Takes 4ever to load a page and takes 4ever to type.

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when you type a name in your browser, it looks up (using a domain name server) what IP address is registered w/ a name.  it then makes a request to a computer at that IP address.  the webserver at that IP address then sends back something (like a web page).

to get a website up and running you need to:
1. register a domain name (the $10 a year cost)
2. you need to get a computer that ^^ that domain name points to (known as a webserver)
3. do not drop out of school.

tick it off like a check list.  1) have you bought a domain name? 2) do you have a computer to place punbb on? 3) are you currently playing in traffic?

if you can honestly answer yes to all 3 then you're set.

there are companies whose business is to have just a ton of computers hooked up to the internet and rent them to people who pay them money for hard drive space, and bandwidth.  companies engaging in such activities are typically called "hosts" or "hosting providers",  ergo you need a host...  like an idiot you turned down my $5 a month offer for just such a service, so now you get to pay more (and get less) for whatever you use to host your punbb website.