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GeekPub is a forum that was founded by my friend in 2002 or so when (FXB was an Xbox fan and news site he owned for a while.) went under. (It was sold to XboxAdvanced and disassembled.) He started it on phpBB and hired me to be the webmaster. Well, phpBB was pretty messy. But I didn't know about any viable replacement that was free until another forum I frequent switched from phpBB to punBB. Eventually I took over the forum completely and now it belongs to me.

So when my host decided to destroy my MySQL database leaving me with only half of it and the backup I so smartly made a few days before, I realized that now was my chance. So I switched to punBB and haven't been happier. I haven't had this much fun coding a forum ever. phpBB was never this fun. wink

No longer an Xbox discussion forum, you can talk about anything you want. We currently have a nice selection of loyal members but welcome more.

My version is highly modified. I just go crazy. If there's something I want to do, and a MOD doesn't already exist, I do it myself. Damn the consequences. I know, most people wouldn't suggest it, but I know what I'm doing so it's all good. Currently my version is 1.2.11+. I added the plus to signify the modifications. I know, I'm a few versions behind, I've just been really busy. Eventually I'll update it to the current version when I have time.

Let me list some of the mods I've put in...

First off is the default Style. Looks awesome in Safari with shadowed text.

Randomly changing taglines at the top of the page.

Active Topic List at the bottom of the Index and ViewTopic pages shows the 20 most recently updated topics.

Various custom UBB tags, among them my very own Table tags, a Spoiler tag with hover effect, Foreground coloring, Background coloring, Text Size, Text face, the Flash Embedding tag, a special Elite tag* and an Explanation tag which allows you to add a "Tooltip" to text which can be used to provide an explanation for a selection of words so you don't have to use parinthesized text. It's hard to explain without an explanation tag. You can see it in action in many threads there.

A lot of cool smileys including video game characters, TV and movie personalities as well as the standard ones and some rating smileys.

On the ViewTopic page, a bottom mounted list of links appears allowing you to Jump to the Top or the page, to the newest post, back to the index or even sort the topic in Descending order.

A mod I call the "Double-post eliminator" that removes the avatar and extra code from posts by the same author when they post right after their other posts (Two or more in a row by the same person.) makes it look less cluttered and allows you to make out strings of peoples talking easier.

Each member can choose their own styling for their custom title.

Each members "User Options" are now in a pull-down menu that appears when you click their name. (Like vBulliten does.)

Each members browser and OS string is saved with each post. This info is then used later in the topic to tell me what browser and OS they were on when they posted. It was originally added in to take a survey of what each person uses.

*Elite Tag: On my forum is a hidden forum called "The Boom-Boom Bar". It is only accessible to certain members (Anyone who registers, promises to post a lot and asks nicely can become one.) and was created to serve one purpose. Hide stuff from the internet. I created it as a way to talk about my love life without the one I am interested in somehow stumbling onto our conversation. It is now used to hide other talk as well. The purpose of the Elite Tag is so when you are in a non Elite forum and you need to reference something exclusive to the BBBar, you can hide it from non Elite members. Pretty clever if I do say so myself.

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very impressive.

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