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Can someone please explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of this database system compared to MySQL? And what is the possibility of integration with punbb?

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It's bundled with PHP5.

It uses a file in a location you specify

You can use SQLite on any server that has PHP5, but no other db like PG or MYsql.

DB-file is easily movable. Just shutdown your website, zip up all files, move to new location, unzip and you're ready to go.

What i've seen and used it; it's nowhere near as powerful as a "real" db like MY or PG.

SQLite querys puts som extra load on the php-engine as it's bundled with php, and not a standalone app like my or pg.

If you touch(move, copy etc) the file while a SQL-operation is active, you can corrupt the db-file (so make sure to halt your website while you perform backups etc)

Anything else i've missed?

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What i've seen and used it; it's nowhere near as powerful as a "real" db like MY or PG.

Take a look at this:


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Interesting... thanks smile

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What i ment with powerful, is what the db can do apart from the standard operations like inserts, updates etc.
What comes into mind is triggers, sp, views etc when the SQLite fallws somewhat behind.

I'v a script on my server for comparison (Similar to Test 15):
PG 7.3.4 (default install), P200mmx, 64mb ram, ata66 hd.
PHP Script does the following:
Drop Table if exist;
create table and fields;
opens and reads a csv-file and does an INSERT for each line.
24172 lines, total 1.3mb data
Close csv file and exit.

Operation takes about 20sec or around there.

I have no way of testing sqlite on that machine at the moment.

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Aha. Ok

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But yeah, i think sqlite is a nice addition for smaller sites and projects even tho i seriously doubt anyone with an evolving bigger site/commynity use it due to it's non-advanceness (such a word smile.

But for a slick forum of this size, why not.