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Topic: [Debugued] Export MySQL3.23 > MySQL 4.1.20

I am having two PunBB 1.2.12 forums running on a MySQL 3.23 station.
I am managing them from MySQL Front, a third party Program.

I am now setting up a new server and want to migrate the two databases.

The new server is running MySQL 4.1.20. I am managing my data through PhpMyAdmin.

I made an export from MySQL Front from my PunBB tables to desktop resulting to a data.sql.

When i try to inject the data to my fresh installed MySQL 4.1.20 i am encounting this error message:

MySQL answered:Documentation
#1062 - Duplicate entry 'connect' for key 1

When i asked for further information:


MySQL a answered:Documentation
#1146 - Table 'mabase_forum.Array' doesn't exist

I made a little search on internet but do not really know how to solve this problem.
I read it could be an autoincrement trouble...

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Re: [Debugued] Export MySQL3.23 > MySQL 4.1.20

I bet it was an error with the export. Can't you export it using phpMyAdmin too?

Re: [Debugued] Export MySQL3.23 > MySQL 4.1.20

hi elbekko

sadly not, i have an old box without phpMyAdmin.
may be i could do the export in command line, but i do not know the command.

Re: [Debugued] Export MySQL3.23 > MySQL 4.1.20

Well, you have the lowest version phpMyAdmin supports, so you could just install it wink
You can download it here:

Re: [Debugued] Export MySQL3.23 > MySQL 4.1.20

As i am an artist, i did a /usr/bin/mysqldump -aec punbb>punbb.sql

and when importing:


Re: [Debugued] Export MySQL3.23 > MySQL 4.1.20

and the artist goes well

I tried an import in Charset Latin1 and it goes through! smile

Re: [Debugued] Export MySQL3.23 > MySQL 4.1.20

by the way i have a different message on a second base.
not a charset error, i am still looking for a solution



Re: [Debugued] Export MySQL3.23 > MySQL 4.1.20

the problem is in the table search_words

i made an export with this table and all was going ok.
then i created the table manually.

CREATE TABLE `search_words` (
  `id` mediumint(8) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `word` varchar(20) binary NOT NULL default '',
  PRIMARY KEY  (`word`),
  KEY `search_words_id_idx` (`id`)

Re: [Debugued] Export MySQL3.23 > MySQL 4.1.20

INSERT INTO search_words VALUES("4803", "bie");
INSERT INTO search_words VALUES("4804", "bie");

as a primary value, the problem was coming from this entry.


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