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Topic: Localized warning message


Found it weird to have two different languages in the same page, maybe there's more of these, but I've only crossed the way of this one.

punbb-1.3-dev : register.php:100
punbb-1.2.15 : register.php:86


Re: Localized warning message

There appear to be six non-localized messages in current 1.3-dev [961] and two non-localized messages in 1.2.15 (excluding the admin files).

The other line in 1.2.15 is profile.php:543 (that line also exists in 1.3-dev).

Re: Localized warning message

Closed, not bugs (well, not 1.2 bugs) wink
For 1.2, the hardcoded strings were most likely added after the release of 1.2. They were hardcoded because it's much easier to do that than to get all of the language packs up to date. wink
For 1.3, we're not accepting reports at this time (although hardcoded strings should be dealt with before the final release).