Topic: Adding my site menu to main.tpl

Hi, i've been fooling around with punbb for a couple of days.

Now i'm trying to add my own menu to the left of the forum.
I've seen this done using tables but can this be done with css/divs?

I want a two column layout; on the left i want my menu and on the right i want the forum.

I tried wrapping the div punwrap and my menu together in one div and then float them to create the column layout but my menu keeps sitting on top of the forum instead of to the left of it.

How can i achieve this?

Re: Adding my site menu to main.tpl

is a great place to start at........


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Re: Adding my site menu to main.tpl

I have tried that but that when i add a menu that way the forum header and footer wrap around it. I want those elements to be in a column to the right of the menu together with the rest of the forum.

Re: Adding my site menu to main.tpl

well just move the header and footer parts of main.tpl after adding the miniportal stuff?