Topic: Idea to avoid spamming

Well, I'm no coder so I can't tell you if this will work and it is just an idea......

What about having the user been redirecting to a thread, after registering, called "introduce yourself" to write a few words about himself and if he don't do it, he get banned directly.

...or there could also be a textfield at the registration site that feeds that thread and if leaving empty no registration is possible.

Re: Idea to avoid spamming

A lot of spam bots simply fill in all fields of the registration form wink

And some forums do put newly registered users into a more restrictive usergroup that can only post in an Introduction forum and then promote the users after they post.


Re: Idea to avoid spamming

ohh, that's how it works....of course just some rubbish stuff.

What about that "math sum" thing Savvy mentioned here

..that sounds good - a spam bot can't count, I think...
Where can I get that mod from?


Re: Idea to avoid spamming

(sorry about my English)

What if to put a textfield, named "dont write here if you are not a bot" wink ?

I belive, that it is posible to find many interesting ideas, based on previous (maybe even randomizer for such fields and their positions on each forum)


Re: Idea to avoid spamming

...hmmm, and a bot would fill the textfield? Good idea, I think