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Topic: people can not login

I have a huge problem.

I have installed punbb twice.
one at http://forum.dutcholsentwins.com/en
and one at http://forum.dutcholsentwins.com/nl

People who register are registered on both forums since they both use the same userdata.
Though people can only login on the 'nl' forum. Not on the 'en' forum.
After they've logged in, they will be redirected, but than they are logged off again.

I can't seem to find the thing that is causing this.

Anyone who might know what could cause this? help would be MUCH appreciated!
Thank you.

Re: people can not login

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Re: people can not login

Try setting you cookie_domain in config.php to '.dutcholsentwins.com' and see if that helps.

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Re: people can not login

it's fixed.
i was stupid wink
the problem was, both dutch and english forums uses the same user table. BUT when you logged in on the english forum it searched for the user in the wrong user table. roll

sorry for this topic wink