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Thanks dude. It will be very profitable.

Definetely should fix this bug. User should choose installation language. Otherwise why we translate install.php in Lang directory?


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I cleared cache directory and returned first settings. But I couldn't understand why didn't work this mod on my server. I use Hostgator and I think there's no problem. I uploaded .htaccess file in root directory of forum.

Maybe a month later because I think beta testers will notify many times so second Beta maybe publish after a month.

Thanks for mod.

Thanks for this useful and  important plugin.


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in Opera 9.02 seems very well. And your design simple and nice also seems a little different than other PunBB forums. Congrats.

Should we fix for every edition of PunBB?

We are lucky boys that because we work on PunBB. Thanks Rickard.


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Why developers of browsers make this differents . They must agree on one standart.