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I'm sitting here and making a 'look-a-like' theme of PunBB for Drupal. Drupal uses php and oo (what that now is) for it themes that I can't. I can understand the "code" to the bigger part but I don't know what some things do.

Here is my not finished future site that will use the theme:

As you can se there is some unused space at the right side. I have made some thing in the "code" so it bugs out if i put blocks (Meny and Blogs are two blocks) and the space i smaller. It shuld be: If no block = 30px empty space from screen end. If block = 20px empty space from the block. Now I have made so the "main" part (nodes) are 190px from eatch side. 30px space, 140px block, 20px more free space on the left side and the revers on the right side.

One other thing... The theme isn't so IE compatible. The best thing is to have the theme to took exatly the same in any browser as Firefox 0.9.1, that I use.

Adress to theme:
Adress to css:

Someone that has a helping hand?

// Fluffy


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57... smile

Only bad thing I see with this thing is that the image isn't 468x60. smile


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Hmm... Im missing this thing, hiding forums so only one group or three have access to. (And admins wink )

But hmm, isn't it better that Rickard Andersson makes a clean forum with less features like PunBB is now but wit better mod integration so people like me don't get panic with installing mods that makes modifikations in many files.


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* Weird Al "Yankovic"
* The Toy Dolls
* Moby
* Mini Moni big_smile

Have looped Weird Al for some weeks now I think. smile


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Ahh... That takes time.


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Over a mounth sinces (... ... ...) last stats. New soon? smile


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No i didnt. But I have not been active all the time but some times the last hours and I didnt notice anything strange.

PS: When I saw the topic and your nick I was thinking of a disk crash and PunBB v1.2 (uber alpha) was gone. When I did read your text it was a relef (Spelling?). smile


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Its soon 16 april so we want new stats soon. wink


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Can we users get this data one time every mounth so se how PunBB develops? smile


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hehe... smile Undra varför det tar så lång tid för dom att släppa det. Tagit 6-7 år nu? Kommer säkert om 3-4 år, lagom till 10 årsdagen då dom sa att DNF skulle komma. wink


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Precis som Duke Nukem Forever då. smile


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Det är är den enda funktionen jag saknar. smile När kommer v1.2? wink


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Jag sitter här och småknappar en privat sida men har tankar på att fixa en blog till sidan. Har letat lite men inte hittat något blogsystem som jag har fått att fungera och är lika smidigt som PunBB. Tänkte då på om man kunde fixa att en forumsavdelning ifrån forumet kan vara en "undersida" som arbetar som blog.

Alltså sidans design men själva texten på blogsidan kommer ifrån PunBBs databas. Blogg-inläggen skall läggas i datumföljd, nyast överst. Borde väl inte vara så svårt att plocka ut lite data ifrån databasen, ha lite valmöjliheter om hur det skall se ut och vilken data (Tid, inläggets överskrift m.m.) skall hamna var, om den skall vara med. Jag skulle fixat en sådan modifikation om jag hade haft MySQL-kunskaparna i huvudet. (Vill kunna koda i så många olika språk men vet inte var jag skall börja, och med vilket språk)

Hmm... Bidde mer av en svensk mod request. Valde att skriva här då jag har smått problem med att formulera mig på engelska pga litet ordföråd.

Någon som redan har skapat en sådan modifikation eller är i banorna att knappa ihop en? smile


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Ahh... A new version. Updated my own little forum that likes to idle. Bla bla bla, and so on and on and on and on...

It feels good to been helping PunBB to be better. Not much I have helped with but I have helped with the english language file. smile

I just love GPLed stuff. It gives me energy to help thoes developers. wink

Version 1.1.3 works great! wink I'm in "smiles mode"...


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One thing maby? I did see a thing a time ago and now reporting it. smile

New post in forum, under Options:
( ) Show smilies as icons

Editing a post in forum, under Options:
( ) Show smilies

Not a bug but a little miss in english language file(s)(?)? smile


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Small program that do the job great. smile


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I did now take a look and you are right, the small dots is outside the thing.