I threw this up to test out the new phpBB theme, which is pretty spiffy.  Changed a few grahics, and other options.  Trying to limit the authot char's for the feeds though.


PS - If you are interested in this theme, Shedrock has it zipped pre-modded (aka MegaPun).  It has some nice features, but the Blog is annoying, who needs a blog?

3 year old thread, lol.  Just post a new topic with a proper subject.

quaker wrote:

dude, that is so sweet..
can i get a copy of the style?
i have to redesign a mixed martial arts group site. and i was looking for something like that...

scott @ bunpai.com

Sent! smile

Completely redone style, using FallenCraft as a base.

Would like comments!



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Papillon wrote:

I didn't think about issues that can emerge from mods combinations.
And yes, I see that the best way is to re-try installing the mods I want by myself..at least until something new comes up.

Thanks for the links soonotes, but some of those have features that I won't need, so I don't think that I'll use them.

I'll stick around to get help with the mods installation.

Uh, then don't use the mods installed?  I mean, you can _always_ manage them in the plugin section. :rollseyes:

quaker wrote:

i did that style last yr.. i do need to redo it maybe release a version 2.... looks good....
i need to fix the footer image.so that it ends..



I'm working on a footer :<

fmimoso wrote:

Looks good.

One issue and one suggestion.
Issue: in IE7 I can see the Forum Title (notFALLIN).
Suggestion: change the form field's background/color, maybe black background and grey color. As it is - black/brown, I don't feel too comfortable reading it.

yeah still working on it... Will remove the title from the TPL. (Strange, because I use IE7)


Looking for some coloring suggestions on a new site I am currently working with (using the BF2 stock theme, with a few UNREAL renders, all graphics manipulation aside from border is original work by me)



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I hate to do this, but all those images are copyrighted from Blizzard Entertainment, and unless you give credit for using all their own designs then I am forced to say this is a ripped site.

I went with #D6D6D6 instead of #B7B7B7, but it seems a little easier on the eyes without losing the subtle shade change.

dude07 wrote:

That is very cool, but the #E8E8E8 is blinding around all that darkness...

I used photoshop to equalize the shades and it came up with #B7B7B7.

Aren't I annoying yet helpful?

Will try it, thanks!

fmimoso wrote:

You've broke it here: http://www.warbrain.org/br/search.php tongue

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in /home/nabyar/public_html/br/search.php on line 608

I would choose a darker background for the boxes, otherwise looks ok. I like the graphics.

Thank you soooo much for poitning that out, lol.  I never use the search feature smile

And to Quaker, I do not know if it has an RSS feed or not -- if youw ould like to check to see if it has any sort of RSS/XML output, be my guest, I might look into it later.

EDIT: I forgot to 'replace' a segment of code, fixed!

PS - I forgot to add that I chose a light color to offset how dark the graphics are.  I didn't want to swamp people with this super dark site, lol.

I've used PunBB for ages, but recently I joined the military (18APR05) so I haven't been up to date with making websites anymore, however I just bought a game called ArchLord, and decided to build a Guild site out of PunBB.  Well, short of modifications, here is what I have come up with so far -- http://www.warbrain.org/br/

I hope to recieve feedback on how the site works with different browsers.  It is CSS and XHTML valid.