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No styles from punres or elsewhere are supported anymore? Why isn't there any documentation on this at the wiki?

Is this forum dying?


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I don't agree that PunBB is boring (and I'll take PunBB over any other forum software), but I'm having a hard time finding themes. Google is of no help, and I can't find any relevant section on this forum. Weird. I seem to remember they were easier to find. And there was some kind of web interface that would generate a custom theme?

edit: I forgot they're called styles big_smile



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I've put a number of themes in /styles, including one I made with SpinkBB, but none of them show up in the admin / settings / default style dropdown. It just has one option which is the Oxygen theme. Any ideas?

edit: Using older, unsupported themes and / or nested directories.

Just what I needed for a small website I'm working on. Thanks.

Thanks for this


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Site is incredibly slow and your stylesheet is not loading.


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Sorry. I removed the patch.


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Fil1958 wrote:

Hi all wink

Some problems with redirect_url when login in hmm

My domain -> http://domain.com/
PunBB base url -> http://domain.com/forum

After login in the redirect url is http://domain.com/forum//forum/index.php sad

What can I do please ?

Have this same issue. Haven't modified login.php. The suggestion from Smartys didn't help.

I removed the truncate function, but that's not a great idea. What's needed, maybe, is a read more tag like livejournal. That way, wherever you want to split the post up with a read more link you could just add a {readmore} tag into the post. Then you could manually truncate wherever you wanted.


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PunBB, it rocks my socks.

I can't set the truncate number above 350, even when setting both truncate variables. If I set both th say 950, it doesn't display the post at all, but returns the error

Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: regular expression too large at offset 0 in

350 characters is about two sentences...

Nice job tccyouth. Now that's a nice profile. Do you have to use the Myspace Mod, and hence, I would gather, a myspace account, to get the image in the profile?

When the chat window refreshes, it loads the top of the messages or the top of the html page, making the user have to constantly scroll back down to the bottom to continue chatting. Are there any strategies to correct this? I'm thinking of each time stamp having an anchor and it would refresh to the latest one. Don't know how to code it though.

Or maybe code one named anchor at the bottom of the page and have the page refresh to that anchor..


Being a guitar player on dialup makes me a sad panda.

Is the "save me" download link supposed to allow saving of the video to the hard drive? At the moment it just acts as a link to the url...

If I had some extra dough I would get feeddemon. Loved that app.

The sage rss plugin for firefox is nice, but a little light on features.

Any word on this mod?

Probably the cleanest and most modern looking forum I've seen. Nice work.




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I use this one updated with this post.. You can truncate news items and other things not possible with Miniportal code.

Is there any way I can change the date/time formatting without re-running install.php?

I'd like to change Y-m-d to y-m-d, etc..

This is great. The only problem I'm having is the avatar image title text shows a long string of code instead of just the user name.

header=[<span class=\'box_username\'> dude07]body=[<span class=\'box_info\'>Title...

Can I inlcude this


with pun_include?


Got it working by placing the above include into a php file called stats.php and using pun include.


Gotta say, I'm always pleased with the results with punbb. My portal looks great with very little effort.

Is it not possible to use php includes in main.tpl?

Then how do you get latest topics, board stats, etc. in the miniportal?


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these two sites offer free subdomains with php amd mysql. I don't know what their max file size limits are.


I use just this simple method. I've only been on Google for about four months, but no spam so far..