When I post a topic or reply to a topic, it takes a long time to send it through.... any thoughts on this?

When I post to my blog on wordpress or comment, it's super fast...

I set up a test....

http://www.howtotuneaguitar.org/forums/ … m.php?id=4

Any help or ideas of where to start are greatly appreciated...!

It's possible: you could write a mod to do it. However, people could do all kinds of nasty things with that power.

Can anyone elaborate on this?


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I've used Akismet for Wordpress in the past and seems to do a really good job of telling what is and what isn't spam...

Thanks for this plugin, I have installed it, though I was only getting about 1 spam a day... my forums are relatively new, so I don't want them ruined by spam bots.


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Looks great guys!

Looks interesting guys, doesn't work for me, and I don't think my php skills are so great as to be of help.


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Is it possible to buy ads in Black and White?

Would it be cheaper? lol


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Thanks for the comments guys. Stop by any time!


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I will have to fix the breadcrumb, I see what you are talking about; I like pixel perfect graphics too... I imagine that there are a few mistakes on my site, but I really had to get the new version of it launched as I kept adding stuff too it. wink

The right column is on purpose, I just feel there is not that much info their but I wanted to keep the secondary nav on my site to the right side, so I made it half width for the forums.

Thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated.


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Well after trying some of the other forum software I have to say, I am pretty impressed with how PUNBB runs. It's very fast, and I was able to code out the CSS exactly as I wanted it. So far I have no plugins installed but you knows...

The one thing I did which I would like to see more of in forum software is made the posting area not stretch across the screen. For an aspiring layout people out there you should know that having sentences that stretch 100% width of a screen is not the best design solution.

This is solely because of the way the mind reads text, just take a look at a newspaper, book or a magazine. Generally speaking you should only have 10-15 words per line, as opposed to the 40 - 100 that you usually see with forum software... (gets off the soapbox)

If your interested to see what I have done, you can check out my guitar forums...