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Mr Q.

Humm.. ok, seems that cgi script solves it quite nicely.

Should've mentioned this much earlier: I've already solved the issues I had and the result is available as the LaTeX Mod which is available on punres since some time back.


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I have made a mod based on Tobis post that does all this. Not only that, it also shows the real names at each post (if anabled by admin that is).

Check punres for a fix for the last-post links.


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##        Mod title:  Sort Posts Mod
##      Mod version:  1.0.2
##   Works on PunBB:  1.2.10
##     Release date:  2005-12-17
##           Author:  B. Rasmus Anthin (scratty@gmail.com)
##      Description:  This mod enables each user to select whether he/she wants
##                    to sort the posts in chronological (PunBB standard) or
##                    reverse chronological order by a checkbox in the profile
##                    page -> Display -> "Set your options for viewing posts".
##   Affected files:  profile.php
##                    viewtopic.php
##                    lang/English/profile.php
##                    lang/Swedish/profile.php
##       Affects DB:  new user option:
##                       'reverse_posts'
##            Notes:  This mod is compatible with the subforum mod
##                    (no additional changes needed).
##                    There is a collision with the Real Name mod at
##                    section 16-17. So make sure to add u.realname in the
##                    query to keep the Real Name mod intact (or make a diff
##                    if you're uncertain). There might be a collision with
##                    Calendar mod on this row too, so be vigilant.
##                    Skip the swedish translation at 22-23 if you don't have
##                    swedish installed.
##                    Line numbers might be slightly off, so use the
##                    search/find function primarily.
##         Updating:  version:     affects sections/db:
##                    1.0.1        16-17, 18-19, no database change.
##          History:  version:     changes:
##                    1.0.1        Post id's are now displayed correct when
##                                 sorting in reverse chronological order.
##                    1.0.2        Added readme_Easy_Poll.txt for instructions
##                                 on how to get post order to affect polls
##                                 too.
##       DISCLAIMER:  Please note that "mods" are not officially supported by
##                    PunBB. Installation of this modification is done at your
##                    own risk. Backup your forum database and any and all
##                    applicable files before proceeding.

Download Here

This mod is a result of hearing complaints about posts are sorted in the "wrong order" in topics. This mod gives each user the ability to reverse the order posts are shown in a topic. Refer to the screenshots for a better grasp on how this mod works:
user profile
topic view


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So, there isn't a way to use a class-attribute from a css-file as an argument for e.g. <span color=... (like the blockquote background color)? It would be nice if the spoiler followed the current color scheme somewhat. Or is this impossible?


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Ok, I succeded to fix it. I used the $_POST variable instead. I.e. I sent the data using name="first_name" and name="last_name" and joined them with

        case 'personal':
            $form = extract_elements(array('url', 'location'));
            $form['realname'] = pun_trim($_POST['first_name'])." ".pun_trim($_POST['last_name']);

That did the trick.
But how the $form variable updates the database is still a mystery for me.


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Hmmm, seems I lack some knowledge in php.
I'm trying to split the name field in the profile update view:

                        <legend><?php echo $lang_profile['Personal details legend'] ?></legend>
                        <div class="infldset">
                            <input type="hidden" name="form_sent" value="1" />
                            <label class="conl"><?php echo $lang_common['First name'] ?><br /><input type="text" name="form[first_name]" value="<?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars(substr($user['realname'],0,strpos($user['realname'],' '))) ?>" size="25" maxlength="25" /><br /></label>  <!--realname mod -->
                            <label class="conl"><?php echo $lang_common['Last name'] ?><br /><input type="text" name="form[last_name]" value="<?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars(substr($user['realname'],strpos($user['realname'],' ')+1,strlen($user['realname']))) ?>" size="25" maxlength="25" /><br /></label>  <!--realname mod -->
                            <p class="clearb"></p> <!--realname mod-->
<?php if (isset($title_field)): ?>                    <?php echo $title_field ?>
<?php endif; ?>                            <label><?php echo $lang_profile['Location'] ?><br /><input type="text" name="form[location]" value="<?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($user['location']) ?>" size="30" maxlength="30" /><br /></label>
                            <label><?php echo $lang_profile['Website'] ?><br /><input type="text" name="form[url]" value="<?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($user['url']) ?>" size="50" maxlength="80" /><br /></label>

This works fine alright.
So i look for all occurances of the field 'realname' in profile.php, but only finds one other place it's used (other than in the preview mode) and this is here:

        case 'personal':
            $form = extract_elements(array('realname', 'url', 'location'));

now, this is weird. Shouldn't $form do some updating on the database or something??
I tried to add the fields 'first_name' and 'last_name' in the stead of 'realname' in the extract_elements params, but that didn't work.

I'd like to find a way to join the first_name and last_name fields into realname and put them into the database field that corresponds to $user['realname'].
Like this:

$form['realname'] = pun_trim($form['first_name'])." ".pun_trim($form['last_name']);

But that just won't work. (I feel like an idiot).

Is there a way to achieve what I want?


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Oh, think I've solved it now. Tried to replace <ul> with <list> instead (weird!). That did the trick! Thanx!


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Hmm... tried to put this at the end of base.css, but it didn't help (also tried to add it to oxygen.css w/o any difference in result). In my help file I have put:

    <div style="padding-left: 4px">
       <div class="postmsg">
            <li><?php echo $lang_help['List item1']; ?>
            <li><?php echo $lang_help['List item2']; ?>
            <li><?php echo $lang_help['List item3']; ?>

even tried to use <ul style="disc"> which won't work.


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I might be mistaken, but I've heard Rickard's going to change the user group system so that users can be members of more than one user groups. Did not see this on the feature list, so I'm curious of whether this is true. Is it?


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Uh... got this working alright with punBB 1.1.4 back then, but now when I have 1.2.10 I just can't get those bullets in the ul-lists to show sad. Seems to be something with the css files that doesn't allow ul-lists anymore (can't locate it though).


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Kill Bill


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Is there a way to keep track on the time point when a user has logged in without having to add an extra field in the user db table?

Edit: please delete this thread. Firstly, the thread is in the wrong forum. Secondly, the problem is solved.


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Great, thanx!!!


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Hmmm... om du inte vill att gästen skall kunna söka i forumet slår du bara av rättigheten för detta. Kan väl inte skada om gästen läser forum reglerna? Användarlistan kan man slå av sökning på för en viss användargrupp men tyvärr inte slå av visningen helt. Men kan man ju modda till som du gjort, eller modda Administrationsskriptet så att man kan styra det därifrån (vilket ju hade varit snyggast).


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Ok. Guess I have to make my own mod then roll. Very well.


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not really. Your rank is updated depending on how active you are. Your title remains the same at all times. You would'nt want "Administrator" to change to something else depending on your number of posts, right?
If you go to the administration section or to someones user profile you can either leave the field "title" blank (which means that the user will be part of the ranking system) or fill it in (the user won't be part of the ranking system, but have a constant title, which is quite boring in my opinion).

Edit: If the person in the example above is in the "Members" user group, then "title: Member" would instead be shown as default and the Administrator should always be able to change this title as he/she so find fit.

Edit: Edit: For instance, in this forum I'm ranked a Senior Member, which should be "rank: Senior Member", but the title should default to my user group which is "title: Member", but then the administrator should IMO be able to globally disable/enable default titles for each group such that all members would be title-less, like in this forum. In such a case, the title of all "Members" would be deactivated and not shown, which makes sense somehow (again IMO).

Edit: Edit: Edit: perhaps should drop the "title:"-prefix and just keep the "rank:"-prefix for consistency.

Edit: Edit: Edit: Edit:  I.e. in this forum, for example:

    [user avatar]
    Rank: Senior Member
    From: My mom's womb
    Registered: 2004-03-21
    Posts: 112

    [user avatar]
    Rank: Forum god
    From: Leeds, UK
    Registered: 2004-06-13
    Posts: 3659


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Did a quick search and didn't find any previous discussion on this topic.
Now, aren't there anyone who have thought of separating title from rank so its not like you have to choose one of them? I as a administrator would also like to be part of the ranking system too smile.
Separating the two is also quite practical if you choose a ranking system that is adjacent with (static) titles which might otherwise confuse other forum users.
For instance, if I have a forum for a church. I might choose a ranking system that goes like: Novice, Reader, Deacon, Postulant, Priest, Curate, Chaplain, Rector, etc.... If there now is a member which actually is a reverant. Then people might think he's part of the ranking system, which is not a very good idea. One way to solve this is to introduce a prefix "rank: " for every rank in the list (or make a mod, which I presume is tedious in this case, since the ranking/title system affects/are affected by permission settings etc).
When having these two systems separated you could let the forum-script ignore writing out a title if not title is set for a given person.
For example:

    John Doe
    Title: Administrator
    Rank: Forum stalker
    From: moms womb
    Registered: 2000-01-01
    Posts: 65536

I think this should be a inherent part of punBB and not a mod IMHO.


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matte (painting)


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Hi. I would like to change how the ranking is shown for each user by inserting a keyword "Rank: " in front of the rank-name. Which files are affected and where in those files should I look in order to be able to implement this?

Yes, you're absolutely right. Didn't think of it that way, but on the other hand it looks prettier without the numbers smile