jay576 wrote:

i installed this mod and now i can't log out of my forum using punbb 1.2.17

Recheck your stuff.

This works fine on my forum. And its 1.2.17 aswell

When you moderate a forum that have sort topic by "topic start" it displays it with "last topic" and not the correct one for the forum.

Shouldn't Moderate forum also be sorted with the same rule that the forum have?


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So you can't use the $_GET[''] function in the xml file. Hmm, oh well. Works fine with an extra file smile

Thanks Smartys


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I know that you don't support help with extensions yet, but I really need help.

I can't seem to find out how to fix this problem with an extension that im working on.

Notice: Undefined index: page in C:\WebService\www\punbb-1.3-dev\index.php(30) : eval()'d code on line 6

        <hook id="in_start">
        if($_GET["page"] == 'test')

It's the first time I try to build an extension so need some help please.



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A hook in functions.php that allow you to add new functions in functions.php

I found a lot of hooks there. But not one that allowed you to add a new functions

('fn_new_function') or something like that. At the end of functions.php

I think it's needed if someone need a function for their stuff then they can just add it there

I don't understand it at all. I tryed to do some simple stuff but all I end up with is error messages eval() ect..


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haha, but I like the new style tongue


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Yes it needs encryption.. md5..

And you use the code lie2815 posted in a .php file.

If you want the md5 code for "password" its this:


Just replace that with what you have now and login with "password" smile


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MySQL 5.0.45

Make sure you set the cookie domain in the config.php file. I had to do that in order to make mine work.


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You shouldn't just give anyone your account details.... Security first!

http://punbb.org/docs/video_tutorials/   <-- View those.. it helps


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Yes very nice indeed.. And it does need to be fixed on tongue


This is with firefox


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well its not a bug, but a typo tongue
and it doesn't effect anything.. It's commented out


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Good to know that we are a bit more secure now smile
Thanks PunBB Team wink


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Go to your tpl file and remove the lines (think it was something like "pun_forum_name" and "pun_forum_description") something like that...

The two <pun> parts above <pun_navlinks>

That will remove the text in IE


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Only way to do it know is by group permissions. Haven't seen any mods for it yet.

But on PunBB 1.3 there is a thing that allow you to make it so that only the thread owner and the administrator(s) can see the thread (Post Moderation) until he accept that everyone can see it


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Go to punres.org and look for styles/themes there..

Lots of themes


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Looks very nice now. Makes me feel that i'm still on the same site smile

And yea CSS is a little scary, but thats why we have forums like punbb,  punres and punlancer wink So you can ask smile
I don't much about the CSS part so can't really help you there. Quaker is the one that does that job tongue


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You should make the width of the board smaller, then it will look good with the main site smile

wow.. thanks Smartys big_smile

I'm not a good coder, but feedback helps smile

Will work on the things that you have noted down.

Btw could you also help me? (IRC)

##     Mod title:  Project List (Extra Option)
##     Mod version:  1.0
##     Works on PunBB:  1.2.*
##     Release date:  2007-11-04
##           Author:  PhaxeNor
##     Author email:  punbb@phaxe.com
##     Project Team:  PunLancer.com Team (Elbekko, Quaker, Dr Jeckyl,
##                    PhaxeNor, Mark, FSX)
##     Team Email:  devteam@punlancer.com
##      Description:  This mod allows you to add projects or other
##              things that you need to have a list over.
##   Affected files:  None
##       Affects DB:  Yes
##            Notes:  Only the owner, admin(s) or a group with
##              permissions can edit or delete the project.
##              Report bugs or problems in this topic, on
##              punlancer.com or my website (phaxe.com)
##       DISCLAIMER:  Please note that "mods" are not officially
##              supported by PunBB. 
##                    Installation of this modification is done
##              at your own risk. Backup your forum database and
##              any and all applicable files before proceeding.



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Please read the description on this forum.. Click here <--- Click there to contact the admin hmm

downliner wrote:

Any update on how long you think the mod will take to finish, and how much you are planning to charge for it?

Not sure how long it will take, but the price I think we said something about $5 or so.. But that is with Paypal API working smile


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Wow.. Thats nice big_smile

PunBB is better than any board i'd say.. It's easier to fit into a site.
One that doesn't understand so much around php will easier understand PunBB than vB due to the heavy coding that vB has..