My first idea was the following :

1* I will use my previous example with extension (A) needing extension (B) either to simply work or to get extra-features
2* Extension (B) declares a variable signaling its status (installed and active) in a (or several) hook(s). This hook should be one present in every files where needed (sic!) and early on in the code.
3* Extension (A) will check for the "(B)'s status variable" before executing any code requiring extension (B).
4* As a matter of ergonomy a verification of the status of (B) should occur in the extension (A) installation/settings page.

Am I close to something decent?

My question may sound stupid or unclear because I clearly lack a "developer vocabulary" and basic knowledge, but anyway...

Is it possible for an extension (A) to check if another extension (B) is already installed and to check the value of a particular setting of extension (B) so as to create some kind of dependency system?
What do you think would be the best solution?


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Every changes of styles do that according to my tests. I guess the style switching feature is just not ready.

Jérémie wrote:

I think that's because it is the way it's supposed to work: all server are UTC time, the Pun admin timezone setting is just a default (hence its name) for new registrations.

Smartys wrote:

The admin timezone is the timezone show to guests and the default for new users. It has no effect on logged in users.

Yep, checked, sorry.

Timezone changes in the administration settings don't seem to be effective
The forum remains on GMT whatever the changes.
I Hope this was not already reported. Please delete the topic if it's the case.

Well I don't know how much strain it puts on a server but it's really easy to use with good ergonomics and looks.
It's really neat. Good job.

In Ticket #50 you plan to create an API so that any "system" can

a) Add a user to the PunBB database.
b) Authenticate against the PunBB database.
c) Add a Topic to a specific forum.
d) Add a reply to a specific Topic.
e) Display number of replies to a Topic.

Do you think it would be relevant to enable this system to change the user's personal information (including the password) through the API ?