Anyone have ideas?

Is it possible to make the announcement message that can be turned on from the backend admin section parse code as if you were to make a normal post in a forum?

Well. Its pretty much done. Thought I would throw it out there. Shoutout to Quaker! Thanks for the help. Still have not got the second bar working to put the Item links in.. Oh well. big_smile

Take a look!

Bump. Interested in this also.

I have been keeping a eye on this thread, Quaker and I have been discussing it on

Can you make the feeds pull from 2 different threads.

For example:

Have 1 news feed pull from say a category / thread called: Recent News

Have another feed pull from a different category / thread called: Annoucements

Have 1 have priority or rankings over the other, so it will show up before, or above the other on the frontpage.

I am have no real experience in coding, so don't laugh at me. But maybe something of this sort.

$newsid = array();
$newsid[] = '1, 2posts';
$newsid[] = '4, 3 posts';

$newsid2 = array();
$newsid2[] = '1, 2posts';
$newsid2[] = '4, 3 posts';