Ok this feature request is closed manifestly no much interest from other people.



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BertrandB wrote:

I'll try it it would be very usefull for me to deal with some restrcition

in admin index i got error with

$db_version = 'PDO_SQLite '.$db->link_id->getAttribute(PDO::ATTR_CLIENT_VERSION);

needed to replace with

$db_version = 'PDO_SQLite '.$db->link_id->getAttribute(constant('PDO::ATTR_CLIENT_VERSION'));

I do not know why


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Connorhd wrote:

Its not supported by hosting companies though, so rather irrelevant

My two hosting run pdo sqlite since june 2006
it's ovh.com (free hosting demo1g look to the phpinfo in http://belguise.ovh.org)
and 1and1.fr


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I'll try it it would be very usefull for me to deal with some restrcition

Sorry for my english. I don't want to do it for me and i'll not do it if nobody want it (need it). Same for you.

For the moment the popularity of this Feature Request is low
Now i'l eep silence and listen to che crowd.

Camille Belguise (Écho du silence): ?It is in. silence and solitude that we hear nothing more. than what is essential.?

Connorhd wrote:

I don't think this is going to happen, theres lots of things that need changing/considering and its not something most users want...

Styles being unqiue is tricky

I'm agree.
Styles being unique would need somthing unatural like using php or SSI to generate css (something if sheet exist return local sheet if not retun global sheet)

The "something most users want" may be return the question "how many people use a patch/mod/trick to implement a such fonctionality ..."

Okay i think it's better to stop discussing implementation.

The questions are :
1) would be interesting to have a native complete multiforum in punbb ?
2) may styles be uniq ?
3) same questions for img ?

MattF wrote:

Just working upon your theory of './include'. What happens if a script needs to call one of your master scripts from a second level depth? i.e: root_forum_dir/scripts/script.php Your method would not work in that scenario.

But I never never speak about "./include" if you know how to use sed look at shell script. And what you speeak may not arrive there is no subdir in local with callable .php (in 1.2.15).
Ok in 1.3 you have the admin subdir.
A solution is to put full path in punroot.php, create a constant in punroot.php with the complete path of config.php and modify install.php et common.php to use this consant. "Et hop dans la poche".

I'm sorry for you but it works fine and I use it. tongue

MattF wrote:

PUN_ROOT isn't a constant. It's configureable at the top of each script.

define('PUN_ROOT', './');

Yes it's a a constant not a variable

MattF wrote:

What difference is there in that to your initial post suggestion of changing PUN_ROOT.'include' to ./include?

Hey not at all in my suggestion i keep PUN_ROOT.'include' PUN_ROOT.'cache' etc ..
But i change PUN_ROOT.'config.php' by './config.php'.
config.php is a configuration so it would not be in the same directory as code. Even with softlink you need one config.php by forum.

MattF wrote:

Again, if you require multi-forum setups, there are far better ways to achieve the result required.

Yes there is always different ways to do the same thing. Soft Links is one of them. An advantage with my way of doing is that you never need maintenance mode, and you can switch forum by forum on new versions of code.

If you don't want my solution ok it's not a problem but consider that with the PUN_ROOT constant and the $db_prefix punbb is only in half way to a multiforums.

For the moment we only spoke of the code. The real problem in multiforum is what to do with img and styles.

Connorhd wrote:

if you backport this why not just go straight to 1.3?

Oh do you say it'll be a beta version tomorrow ?


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Yes yes yes ...
what is the purpose
of the PUN_ROOT constant %o)


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MattF wrote:

Why not just shift them into an external directory and softlink them, if you only want to maintain one copy of the files?

Because you'ld may not have a ssh/telnet access to the server.


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lie2815 wrote:

What about this one?

Well is it realy a mod or a fork ? sad

With my shell script you can "punrotise" even if a mod is intall.
(how i modifie the shell script since i use it so it is not realy "tested"

echo attention untested script 
echo making the  forum racine directory
mkdir ../racine
echo making the bypasses in the racine directory
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_bans.php');" >../racine/admin_bans.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_categories.php');" >../racine/admin_categories.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_censoring.php');" >../racine/admin_censoring.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_forums.php');" >../racine/admin_forums.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_groups.php');" >../racine/admin_groups.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_index.php');" >../racine/admin_index.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_loader.php');" >../racine/admin_loader.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_maintenance.php');" >../racine/admin_maintenance.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_options.php');" >../racine/admin_options.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_options.php.ori');" >../racine/admin_options.php.ori
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_permissions.php');" >../racine/admin_permissions.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_prune.php');" >../racine/admin_prune.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_ranks.php');" >../racine/admin_ranks.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_reports.php');" >../racine/admin_reports.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'admin_users.php');" >../racine/admin_users.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'delete.php');" >../racine/delete.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'edit.php');" >../racine/edit.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'extern.php');" >../racine/extern.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'help.php');" >../racine/help.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'index.php');" >../racine/index.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'install.php');" >../racine/install.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'login.php');" >../racine/login.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'misc.php');" >../racine/misc.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'moderate.php');" >../racine/moderate.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'post.php');" >../racine/post.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'profile.php');" >../racine/profile.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'register.php');" >../racine/register.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'search.php');" >../racine/search.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'userlist.php');" >../racine/userlist.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'viewforum.php');" >../racine/viewforum.php
echo "<?php require('./punroot.php');  include(PUN_ROOT.'viewtopic.php');" >../racine/viewtopic.php
echo suppressi al unused PUN_ROOT definition
sed -i '/define(PUN_ROOT/d' *.php
echo make using local config.php
sed -i "s/PUN_ROOT\.'config/'.\/config/" *.php
sed -i "s/PUN_ROOT\.'config/'.\/config/" include/*.php
echo move img and styles dans in forums racines
mv styles ../racine
mv img ../racine
echo makink cache modification 
sed -i "s/cache\/ca/cache\/'.\$db_prefix.'ca/" *.php
sed -i "s/cache\/ca/cache\/'.\$db->prefix.'ca/" include/cache.php
sed -i "s/cache\/ca/cache\/'.\$db_prefix.'ca/" include/*.php
echo Now you need to create punroot.php in racine
echo exemple
echo <?php define('PUN_ROOT','../../outils/punbb/');


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Jérémie wrote:

Agreed, your English is pure abomination smile

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't help at all for potential security purpose.

However, the goal to have only one code base to maintain is quite nice, yup. But it might get tricky if the database doesn't follow the multiple-forums scheme. Because a plugin could, for example, store things into the database. Teh you'll have forum A with the plugin in the DB and the code, and forum B with the plugin only in the code.

I guess it depends on how hooks are handle.

Well it's idiot for mod or plugin to not prefix table by $db_prefix and they realy may have their own tables

in 1.3 hooks are store in a table so there would be no reals problems.


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Connorhd wrote:

I doubt it'll ever become a "feature" but there are a number of threads discussing how (and i think a mod) to do exactly this.

Sorry I've made a search but didn't see this threads.


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Jérémie wrote:

I'm curious, what's would be the purpose?

imagine your administrator for a machine with many punbb installation. If tou 5 punbb and want to install a mod or a new version you need to do the samething five time. Yes five is not realy a problem but with 25, 100, 250 etc ...
The other advantage you ca pu code outside the web vision. It's one ofe the best protection agains't back door.
You can install a new version, make the test, switch one site to the new version (only one file to edit) and if there is a problem switch back the original version.

The rest is to you to imagine.

[french](PS : Je plains les pov' anglophone qui lisent notre prose)[/ french]


I do'nt know if i post on the right forum.
I had test the 1.3 extension system and it's rather cool (better than mod).
In my humble opinion some mod creators would have a lot of job to port their mod to 1.3 extension system and that is not very fun. Another pb is the number and the place of hook which is not realy define.
I think if a backport of 1.3 extension system as mod would be a good news and may speed the adoption of 1.3.

It would not be very diffcult for people with good knowledge of punbb code.
Just modifcation to functions.php cache.php and common.php plus the transformation of the 1.3 extension in a 1.2.15 plugin (the harder for me)

This functionality isn't present in the current 1.3dev.

It whould be fine for webadmin to have the punbb code outside the forum directory.
I've make something like that in 1.2.15 but it's not complete. I call it punrotisation.
the principle
change all PUN_ROOT.'config.php' by './config.php'
change all define(PUN_ROOT... by include('./punroot.php')
make somewhere a directory racine (it would be the racine of the installations)
mv img and styles in this directory racine
for all PHP with include('./punr create a php file with the same name and just contains an include of punroot.php and of the orginal file
and make some change to prevent conflict for the cache.
The Unix script to make this punrotisation is on on punbb.fr

I think it would be fine to get a better implementation of punrotisation in 1.3 ;-)