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No, no. You don't get it. Not in PunBB.

.htaccess can override anything in httpd.conf. It?s very useful without affecting every site on a server. I want this to be able to work on shared server environments as well as a VPS or a dedicated server, so I was looking into the .htaccess override options that Apache has.


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I am having issues trying to implement mod_gzip through htaccess. I'd like to enable mod_gzip for outputted html files which are created via PHP and mod_rewrite. I also want to make sure a certain directory on the web server is not included in this mod_gzip rule I'll be adding to the .htaccess file. I've had issues finding the right way to do this through google searches, so I was wondering if any of you knew how to accomplish this task.

Thank you in advance.

Rickard wrote:
dd wrote:

is minibb faster than punbb?

Who knows? big_smile

Run bench to find out?


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Call me crazy but I don't like it.


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That's a pretty nice job there. smile

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Skye wrote:

Does anyone remember having to backup old forum systems like the first UBB with its flat file database? *shivers*

Yes, I do. I also remember UBB crashing beyond repair when there were a few hundred thousand posts :-)

Dude, I was traumatized for life back in the days....

Rickard wrote:

Skye: Don't worry. The links will appear as they do today.

No, I am saying that change is good, but not how the original suggestion wanted it.

Read my post more thoroughly.

Flat file databases are in no way faster than MySQL. Not only that, flat file databases are a pain in the ass to backup and are very slow once they get large. MySQL databases backup to one file and are just ungodly fast compared to flat file. Does anyone remember having to backup old forum systems like the first UBB with its flat file database? *shivers*

Hehe, there you have it. I didn't give the syntax but I did give the needed variable. smile

Please dont do this...since it does not work in a lot of browsers perfectly. I would prefer that you just use CSS to style form buttons, and make all of the text links like "Report," "Quote," "Post reply," "E-mail," "Website" among others an html form button, then style them with CSS.

$cur_user['id'] ?

Good work Einstein.

The only way you're going to get it to work is if you place PunBB in a divider and give that divider a class or an id. You will also have to modify the css styles to inherit this class or id for punbb. For example:

<div id="punbb">
<!-- Your forum goes here -->

Take note, that if you run into a situation where both an id and a class have been defined, the id will take precidence.

Paul wrote:

Not to mention that Invisionfree forums have compulsory advertising banners which you have to pay to have removed

That too.

This requires someone to dedicate their time and money and resources. They will not only have to provide hosting, free hosting, but program the frontend for it and that's a lot of work as well as money. You will not find many people willing to do such a thing.

Alright, I failed to read the error in its entirety. Error 28 means that MySQL is not setup properly. Basically, it means that MySQL does not have enough "working space" so it can't do what PunBB is requesting. You need to contact your webhost and tell them to fix the configuration so that MySQL has more room. There really should be no less thana gigabyte of room for MySQL on a standard server.

The reason it needs this extra room is because for most of what MySQL does it creates temporary tables for itself and that requires quite a bit of space depending on the size of your database. Count yourself lucky though. I've lost an entire database to error 28 before. Had to go to a backup that was 12 hours old all because the webhost negligently didn't give MySQL enough space for its tmp directory.

For more information on MySQL error 28, go here. It'll say exactly what I have said with quite a bit more technical jargon.


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Hmm, you configured it with ./configure and ran "make install" and it still won't work. Yep, I ran into this problem once before...You have to run 'mysqld_safe' before you run MySQL. That will create the sock for you. It should work pretty much instantly. Some more info on "mysqld_safe" can be found here.

Once you are done, well, start it. smile

It would be good if they made one since MiniBB is their largest direct competitor.

What did you modify?


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Wow. I am absolutely impressed with what you've done. smile


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That's what the forum search engine is for young padwan. *smiles*


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mod_rewrite is famous for its incredible lack of useful, human-readable documentation. sad


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Rickard wrote:

Ok, lets not turn this into a SMF vs. PunBB discussion. Just ignore him.


middleground wrote:

But isn't V1.3 the last of the free versions??
(and hence the reason some may want to switch)

No, in all technicality, the last free version was something like 1.1.2 because when they introduced v1.2 of IPB it was under a new license system. Basically, the license allows IPB to be free forever, unlimited trial, no shutdown date so long as you maintain the copyright information at the bottom. The "license" so to speak is more for support and stuff. Basically it's kind of like RedHat used to do it, before the RedHat Enterprise ONLY move. You get the product free, but you can optionally pay for errata support as well as the big thick manual and free 24/7 telephone support.


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Simple Machines is a piece of crap anyway. Here's why!