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Hi everybody!

There's already a topic about my old page, but many things have changed so I'll open a new one.

The main part of the site is the Arcade, but there are some more features:

Trivia with more than 6000 Questions (IRC Chat Mod),
Videogallery where anybody can post a new Video from the most known videoportals,
Cash Mod and Shop Mod (all items are sold at the moment, i'll put some more there when I have some more time).

Site is in German!

Edit: The Link XD :



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It works, thanks. smile

(desc because of descending?)


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File: /home/www/web362/html/newvideo.php
Line: 48

PunBB reported: Datenbankfehler: Konnte Video nicht einfügen

Database reported: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'desc, poster, cat, date) VALUES("Test", "<object>", "", "2", "2", "1206542413")' at line 1 (Errno: 1064)

Failed query: INSERT INTO foo_videos (name, url, desc, poster, cat, date) VALUES("Test", "<object>", "", "2", "2", "1206542413")

Edit... it seems the $_POST desc is empty

Edit2 No matter if empty or not...


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I get the error that is defined at

or error('Datenbankfehler: Konnte Video nicht einfügen'

The mySQL table for "desc" is text, latin_swedich_ci

I have another script with a desc table, same code and it works there.


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Hi everyone, I've got a problem with a mysql query..
I try to script a little video gallery for my punbb forum, but I'm too bad.

$name = pun_trim($_POST['name']);
        $url = pun_linebreaks(addslashes($_POST['url']));
        $desc = pun_linebreaks(addslashes($_POST['description']));
                $poster = $pun_user['id'];
        $cat = pun_trim($_POST['cat']);
                $now = time();            
        //insert the video in the database
        $db->query('INSERT INTO '.$db->prefix.'videos (name, url, desc, poster, cat, date) VALUES("'.$name.'", "'.$url.'", "'.$desc.'", "'.$poster.'", "'.$cat.'", "'.$now.'")') or error('Datenbankfehler: Konnte Video nicht einfügen', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

I get the DB Error, caused by $desc but I don't see any errors there. When I remove the description, the query works.

Any ideas? hmm


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Yeah, works and looks good, but it seems that there is no way to include a trivia game oder something like that...
The only way is to write my own script, and thats an impossible task for me. big_smile


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Another question:

Is there a way, to include a (fast!!) chat to punbb? (not IRC)
It must be possible to play a trivia game, like in my IRC Chatroom at the moment.
It should be very fast, because some answers are faster than 1 second.
I tried GTChat, looks good, but it isn't mysql based.

Does anybody know how I can realize this?

Thanks a lot! Works now for me too. smile

When I check my Forum for Update I get the follwing Error:

Unable to check for upgrade since 'allow_url_fopen' is disabled on this system.

Could this be the reason why the arcade doesn't work?

Make a Backup of viewforum.php , then edit it and delete following lines:

<th class="tc3" scope="col"><?php echo $lang_forum['Views'] ?></th>


<td class="tc3"><?php echo ($cur_topic['moved_to'] == null) ? $cur_topic['num_views'] : ' ' ?></td>

I'm want to use the Mod below

##        Mod title:  Punbb Arcade Mod
##      Mod version:  ?
##   Works on PunBB:  1.2.12
##     Release date:  2006/10/12
##           Author:  ANGO
##      Description:  This mod add flash games to your punbb forum it also has a high score system.                  
##       Affects DB:  Yes
##   Affected files:  none
##            Notes:  This Mod Comes with 10 Pre-installed Games. Additional games come as extension.
##       Disclaimer:  "Punbb Arcade Mod" is not officially supported by PunBB.
##                    Installation of this modification is done at your
##                    own risk. Backup your forum database and any and all
##                    applicable files before proceeding.
##          License:  Punbb Arcade Mod is free software; you can redistribute it
##                    and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General
##                    Public License as published by the Free Software
##                    Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
##                    (at your option) any later version.
##                    Each flash game are the property of their authors.
##     Contributors:  PANDARK, DHARMIL, NICO_SOMB 

Installed it at my old host (thats my test forum now), worked fine.

After that I installed it to my new webspace, and it first seemed to work too... but now, when I want to submit any highscore I get the following error:


PunBB reported: You do not have permission to access this page.

Enabled Debug, but I don't really find something suspicious, errot page shows nothing.

After that,  I installed a complete new punbb1.2.15 to just find out if it's an database error or something like that.
Same error there...could this be an issue in phph.ini? I do not really know about that stuff. sad


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I hope I can use this topic for support too...

I want ALL url's in posts to open in a new window, where can I change this? Add a target="_blank" somewhere?


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www.greatnet.de, the Control Panel is named Confixx


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I changed my mind...got my own domain now: www.yukis-welt.de

No more Layer-popups. smile

btw: I looked at my Hosting Control Panel, and there was already a PunBB quick-install option. I didn't know that it's that popular here. big_smile

I finally made it...thanks.

I just used the Active Topics Mod from your index file there. big_smile
Modified it to my likes, now it's all working.
View it here. (below my "artwork" lol)


I want to show 5 or 10 recent Topics on my Index (Miniportal). It doesn't work with extern.php, so I need to use a part of PunPortal (<PUNPORTAL_RECENT_TOPICS>)
I already installed the mod, uploaded files lang/portal.php and plugins/AP_PunPortal.php

But now there are some problems:

1. I don't want to use the included PunPortal.tpl and the included index.php
2. my header.php looks different than the one in the readme.txt

I did everything in readme, exept this one...

This is the Readme.txt:

#-------------[ 3. Find ]----

else if (defined('PUN_HELP'))
    $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/help.tpl');

#-------------[ 4. Add AFTER ]----------------

else if (defined('PUN_PORTAL'))
    $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/PunPortal.tpl');

And this is my header.php:

// Load the template
if (defined('PUN_ADMIN_CONSOLE'))
        $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/'.$pun_user['style'].'/admin.tpl');
        $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/admin.tpl');
}else if (defined('PUN_HELP'))
        $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/'.$pun_user['style'].'/help.tpl');
        $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/help.tpl');
        $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/'.$pun_user['style'].'/main2.tpl');
        $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/main2.tpl');

//else if (defined('PUN_PORTAL'))

  //          $tpl_main = file_get_contents(PUN_ROOT.'include/template/main2.tpl');

This is my actual code, I commented it out , because it didn't work
(I'm using 2 main.tpl files, one for index (main2.tpl) and another one for everything else)

I don't really know, where do put the code in header.php...Is there a way do make it working?

Thanks for any response and sorry for my english *g*


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Sorry for that, but it's a free Hosting Service. I don't want to pay for webspace and TLD at the moment.


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This is my little Community http://www.yukis-welt.de
(in German)

I'm using a lot of Modifications from punres, thanks to their authors. smile

- Miniportal
- Arcade Mod
- Gallery Mod
- PM System
- Chat Mod (most important)
- Style Installer

I like that Oxygen Style very much, cause it's very simple and I like blue. smile

btw: My php skills are bad, I know. neutral


I use this Chat Mod, and I like it very much, but I'm not able to add a backgroundimage to my channel...
I looked at the pjirc help site already, inserted the "style:backgroundimage Tag, but it wont work.
I want to know, where I have to put this Tag in the chat.php file. And if I'm using the wrong tag, I need the right one.

Edit: Maybe I'm using the wrong image format... I was already able to add one new Smiley.

Thanks a lot to the author of this plugin, it's damn useful for me. smile

Edit2: Awwww, I got it now. The imagename was written wrong.... an u instead of o. lol