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Typo: Header note is "Vouting", should be "Voting".
Typo/Grammar: "You are can't see the votes until you vote yourself." - need to remove the "are".
Grammar: In admin section, the option "Unvoted users can see poll results" soundsvery awkward.  "Users can see poll results without voting" would be better.

1.0.2 seems to work well.  It even parses out posts in non-public forums when not logged in, which is neat.  Good job! smile

The best way to do it, IMO would be to let users silent edit until there's been a reply, or X minutes has passed, whichever comes first; and have the "allow edit only within Y minutes" function be a separate extension.

When you first install it on an existing forum, it shows the last 5 overall posts made on the forum for every user, regardless of who actually made those posts.

Works fine in Opera and Chrome as well.  Thanks!