Can help? … 6&y=12
I think it could be something similar...

Still doesn't work... sad
I've tried writing

$attach_mime = 'application/download';
                header('Content-Type: ' . $attach_mime );
                header('Content-type: application/octet-stream');

(by-passing the if statement)
and also

header('Content-Type = application/download');
/* if(strlen($attach_mime)!=0)  
                header('Content-Type: ' . $attach_mime );
                header('Content-type: application/octet-stream'); // a default 

but nothing. Now IE doesn't show the Open/Save question dialog, it tries automatically to save the (not existing) file "attachment_php?item=5"...
I think IE understand the download command, but not what file to download...

It happens with both IE 6 and 7.
It's an IE MsgBox.
It's like IE doesn't understand the header with the "filename" command.
When IE asks me to "Open" or "Save" the file (recognizing the Content-Disposition header, I think) the name it shows is "Attachment.php?item=5" (where Firefox shows the correct filename "Prova Allegati.txt"). Then, if I choose to open the file (it's a txt file), IE shows the text, but if I try to save it I got the error.

The connection is SSL secured.
The firewall is not a constant in this problem: it happens to me and to other friends of mine in different cities with different networks and different PCs...
With Firefox installed on Ubunto or WinXP, I see immediately that there are no problems: the filename showed is the correct one.

Anyway, the problem IMHHHO seems to be right in the filename header... IE never shows the correct one.

Thanx for reply and... sorry for my poor English. ^_^

Hi everybody!
I'm new both in PunBB and in PHP, so... hope not to post a stupid question...
I've got a problem with MS-IE.

It's impossible to download attachments. The error is (translated):
Impossible to download attachment.php?item=5 from nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn.

It seems like IE doesn't understand to download a file...
With Firefox, on Linux or Windows, everything works fine.
Any idea?

Thanx to all!