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esupergood wrote:

There was a good fix for the spambots that worked 100% for me. Not sure how to find it now but it's on the forum somewhere. It involves adding an extra question during registration such as "what is 5 plus 5" and the bots can't beat it.

You're probably thinking about the Human Test mod:

Interesting to see what can be done with punbb 1.2 with some creativity:

Happy that you made this mod! Will try it out now. I asked for something like this a while ago - here. Very nice to have this as a style option.

Thanks, that worked great, except the last </div> at the end of step 11 should not be there. Now all I will have to do is play around a little with padding, text size etc to make it look more the way I want it.

Tjalve wrote:

Found some old files...
Tested em put on my test forum
http://www.epixplx.com/images/galleries … /vbmod.jpg

Looks good. How did you do it?

I am a new user of punbb and would just like to know if it is possible to display member info (name, number of posts, date registered etc) above the message (like with vbulletin), instead of on the left side of the message. Which files must I edit to achieve this?