Docunext -> Sorry, did you just say you had xapian working with pun/fluxbb?


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Big, big cheers to the dev team. Rough decision to make, you sticked to your word, thank you so much for that. The move to a subdomain says it all.
Long life to fluxbb. We will be supporting the fork.

Hello smarty,

Because it was buggy and enabled people to search in forums they shouldn't have access to smile I don't think fulltext is a suitable solution for a big board; it's probably better, but not good enough. There will probably still be locks, and the search results won't be more accurate...

I am more looking for something like xapian, sphinx, lucene.. If anybody has time.. smile

Hello everybody,

Our board continues to grow (>1.5M posts) - and I had to disable the search as it was just unusable. Php uses more than 50megs of RAM for not-so-complex searches, even when the sql server not being very loaded the searches take a long time, and because of myisam table-level locks the search result in the board appearing to be frozen most of the time. The result of the searches are also most of the time completely irrelevant.

Has anybody tried some more advanced searches, like lucene, or sphinx? I am also following wikiasearch quite closely... What are the other options that I have? sad

I migrated my forum to utf8 a looong time ago, when it had only a couple of posts, not thinking of what was implied... Now it has millions of posts and it is impossible to roll back... Biggest mistake in a long time sad Beyond the fact that the topic sometimes get cut, it works quite well though smile

It's probably only about using a utf8-compatible version of strstr or strcmp or whatever, though smile

Works for me smile Thanks! This issue has been bugging us for quite a long time now smile

Had th same trouble a loooong time ago. Very very annoying. Not sure it is punbb related though, I think it is related to the search queries being terribly long and exceeding a weird mysql limit, maybe. We solved the problem by adding a limit clause to searches.


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Hey Smartys, yeah, the mod has been around for quite a long time, but I was made aware of the security issues, which stopped my from deploying it. I would prefer wait for either a search coded with sphinxsearch/htdig/lucene (I am getting told we're getting closer) or a more tested search in 1.3 smile


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Sirena > several things. "Load balancing" could be achieved with mysql proxy, but it's only alpha quality for now.
Then, punbb's search is quite poor (huge tables, lineary growing requests, no weighting of results) - it takes a long time to execute, and therefore locks several tables. If someone posts at the same time someone is searching, nobody will be able to even browse the forum before the search is ended. By putting the searches on another server, we hope to get rid of these locks, before we develop some search based on lucene / sphinxsearch / whatever.


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We want to put the searches on a separate SQL server... It would be great if the code could be in the mainstream smile Is this a feature someone has already needed/used?


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Yep Smartys, thanks, found it. Your fault, it wasn't linked  roll  lol


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Can we get a diff please? Please please please please big_smile


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It is my intention to continue supporting 1.2 for some time after the release of 1.3. There won't be any feature additions to 1.2, but we will at the very least release fixes for more serious security problems.

This is awesome news - thank you so much. Moving to 1.3 is going to take us months, rewriting the template, probably importing messages, testing, securing, adding modules... I feel a bit relieved this won't have to be in a rush smile


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Hello Smarty, thanks for your calm answer. The only difference now is that they do not have to respect the GPL - they can turn the licence into a proprietary one, and continue the work to propose premium services without having to release the code; which is likely to happen. If you then start to code the same features, they will probably not be too happy about that, will be interesting to see what happen. Anyway, I still don't see what "good" can come for us, the users.

I hope you already have a good new name in mind, and that you read all the small prints at the end of the contract. I guess you know that for most punbb users the licence and ethic of Punbb are primordial.


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I have been using Punbb for over 3 years on very small to very large websites. Unlikely to the other comments, this is the worst news I have heard so far.

I am very surprised about various points of this agreement. First, I believe you did not make this announcement public because you knew it would cause a huge reaction from the community, which you thought would not be funded. So, we don't know the amount of the transaction and probably never will, we don't know how it was divided between the team, and we learn it weekds (monthes?) later, although I consider this to be a very important news.

Then, sorry guys, but that company wanted to sell support - why the heck do they need the copyright for this? What I understand is you wanted to make money easily, sold the name, and thought if everything turns wrong, you'd fork it. It is pretty clear to me that they _will_ use that copyright to make money out of punbb. You usually don't buy things you don't want to use. And I don't see anything good there.

And finally, I am sick of that "if you don't like it, it's GPL, fork it". Punbb is like many other projects, 20% of the people involved do 80% of the code, and the other 80% 20% of the code. The 80% know the 20% can't maintain a fork, so basically they tell them to fuck off.

So no, I can not be happy with this news, neither the way this was handled, and people who are should seriously think about it again.


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Nope, I guess it may hit one of mysql's limits... some buffer somewhere, or max request lenght... I don't know.. but long requests don't go through smile
From what I remember it's when the answer of the mysql is too big. For example for some time "Posts without answer" was broken, in the end we added a limit and it was fine. We may end up doing the same for that. But anyway, never found anything I was looking for with the default search, our users are using google anyway... but still hmm


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Hello, just a new report that on our forum (1.2M+ posts) complex searches return no results - believed cause is the length of the queries, which tend to become insanely huge with a forum of that size. So maybe instead of increasing the limits of our sql server (which are already pretty high) it would make sense to review the search for oncoming versions?

/me begging for a sphinx search plugin


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Share hardware expense with websites that have the same goal, find a provider that loves you, users that love you enough to give you some money, be successful in handling prices down on ebay, spend a lot of time, have many contacts. tongue for hardware details, but only the two big ones are used yet - we're not done with our migration yet smile


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We successfully passed the million posts a couple of weeks ago smile

    Nombre total d'utilisateurs enregistrés: 44082
    Nombre total de sujets: 130128
    Nombre total de messages: 1025824

DB is nearly 1GB I think.
We are developing a sphinxsearch plugin to help us with searches which become a pain (slow and irrelevant) the more the forum grows - and also a couple of other plugins we will release when they are done smile

Thanks to the punbb team for the great piece of software wink (but searches sucks, and cool uris would be nice big_smile)


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I would really love to have a plugin, with which I can define the text of a small box on top of each forum, the text being different for each forum. We want to use that as a FAQ: on top of each forum, the 5 most asked questions linking to the answers.


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Of course blind people can and should be able to access forums. The question thing is accessibility-friendly and the question with the lemon was only an example. Questions on our forum are like "Write "blue" ", and it works perfectly well for now.


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Laburno > this is a plugin we have on another forum. It works like a charm. You just reminded me we actually never released it. I will try to improve it and release it.


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There are a lot of people out there telling how sphinx search: is great. Plugins for forums (I know they exist at least for phpbb and vbulletin) replacing search with a sphinx search powered one start to appear.

Has anyone tried to use Sphinx search with Punbb?


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We consider moving our board to InnoDB, as we encounter severe lock problems. As anyone be running punbb with INNODB? Is this recommended? I heard punbb1.3 was going to use fulltext search, which works only with MyISAM. Can someone confirm that?


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I would love to have a perl/C/whatever script to be able to manage my board more easily. It would be really handful to start heavy scripts (prune, indexation, etc) with cron in the night. It does not require to have a browser window opened during the complete process... which is not possible for example for indexation on big boards (>several 100k messages) - any internet connection loss during the several 10 hours of indexing would cause indexing to crash. It would not have PHP limitations in time and memory.  It could be easily nice-d.
Scripting may be interesting, like "delete all the messages from the IP adresses listed in the file foo.txt". It would allow to post automatic messages without having to write complex scripts using POST (which may be even worse if you need to be logged in to post).

Certainly a lot more.

It would be great.