I tried to modify PunBB 1.27 source code and all works.

The line you don't find is the line number 278 of include/parser.php. If it's different from the line I reported in my MOD, probably you have modified it with another MOD. If so, post here which MODs you applied before.

PS: remember that in that point you must substitute also the '}' below

Hello Roi. I've not updated the MOD because I'm waiting PunBB 3 (that'll be the day! ^____^)

Currently I don't have very much time, but I'll update it :-)


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I don't think let the owners to move your site on them "catchemall" domain was a good idea.

A personal site is a great publicity. www.punbb.org sounds very much better than punbb.anunknowndomain.com. And .org sounds very much better than .com for free software fans... ^___^


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Strofanto wrote:

How the 1.2 PM mod can be adapted to 1.3, I guess he's asking that.

Well, I don't know tongue I think "it could be adapted" was a better expression...

Anyway it will be developed, so don't be impatient smile


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? My knowledge of english is very poor... what do you want to know?


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But Jquery and MochiKit are client-side libraries. Xajax is a server-side library in PHP wink

I think you can use both a client and a server-side framework for completeness. From Wikipedia the more reliable seems to be Prototype anyway, even if jQuery has not a bad rate.


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I think all extension releaser should simply work together with a common framework. I already suggested it here

IMHO the more recommended framework is Xajax

I agree with you, Jérémie. [b ] and [i ] tags are widely used. So PunBB should convert [b ] and [i ] tags to [strong ]  and [em ]. IMHO is quite useless. Furthermore, I often use italic text for quotes.

On the other hand, I think it's more correct to add a "bold" and "italic" class to CSS.

Paul wrote:

I would also like a [del] tag for strikethrough text and an [ins] tag to go with it.

I agree for [del ], very useful if you want to correct without delete the previous text. But [ins ]... hmm


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"want" is not the right verb... wink Anyway, there's a PM extension for 1.2.x, it can be adapted to 1.3
EDIT: I just read PM extension will be an official one:
http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p … 65#p110065

Smartys wrote:

Cookie: choose if it's permanent at login (enabled by default), not in your account settings
Yeah, I think we need to take a look at that

Goooood big_smile

... another question? ^____^'''

It's only an idea for inexpert users.


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Well, MSN is a more used and known term, simply smile


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pogenwurst wrote:

Ok, can we please stop arguing about word/acronym choice? Whether or not something is "really" Ajax is not the point.

Thanks ^_^

pogenwurst wrote:

I agree with others that Ajax is best used in extensions, not PunBB core.

But it's also my opinion, as you can read in one of my previous post.

Anyway, IMHO Ajax methods could improve very much the goal of this forum distribution: simplicity, speed and usability. If anyone is interested, I think I'll start to code something for the first PuBB 1.3 stable release.

PS: I finish with an interesting link: an Ajax framework for PHP under development, that do not need Javacraps at all ^_^ (whops, forget this, I wrong. It do not need js coding sad)



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I can answer to some question, I think smile

Hans20 wrote:

1) Profile > About: Add [...] "Remove all subscriptions" link to the user's profile

It is already discussed, it will not be implemented

Hans20 wrote:

1) BBCode: Add a [size+/-X] ([size+2]big text[/size])

It will not be implemented too, because some users could add gigantic and annoying phrases.

Hans20 wrote:

1) BBCode: There are no underlines when using the [u]-bbcode.

Try to update your forum, it works:
http://lucasmalor.netsons.org/forum/vie … pid=10#p10

Hans20 wrote:

2) BBCode: TEXT doesn't work.

Mh, I must confirm this:
http://pazziaumana.netsons.org/forum/vi … p?pid=1#p1

(anyway TEXT is an alternate text, displayed if the image is not available or is blocked)

Hans20 wrote:

1) Profile > About: Add the "Show all subscriptions"
2) Moderation: [...] add a "Move posts" feature [...] Allow to merge threads

I agree smile

What about OpenSEF for Joomla?



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I want to premise it's not a "at all costs list" tongue It's more a "it should be considered a core feature, an official extension or an user extensions?"

1) Cookie: choose if it's permanent at login (enabled by default), not in your account settings.

2) Display: a setting for choosing number of post and thread per page (I don't know why forums make two distinct settings...)

3) Search: search in all forums of one category

4) Search: search in a single thread

5) Identity: sex and birthday date

6) Identity: separate page for IM profiles. Link of that page next to "email" link in viewtopic.php. Modular IM fields.


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Ufff.... this is a pointless discussion... anyway:

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), or Ajax, is a group of inter-related web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications. [...]

JavaScript is the scripting language in which AJAX function calls are usually made. [...]

Data is retrieved using the XMLHttpRequest object that is available to scripting languages run in modern browsers, or alternatively Remote Scripting in browsers that do not support XMLHttpRequest. [...]

In some Ajax frameworks and in certain situations, an IFrame object is used instead of the XMLHttpRequest object to exchange data with the web server, and in other implementations, dynamically added <script> tags may be used.

from Wikipedia

Ajax has a wide sense, further than you think.

Anyway. It's not very interesting how I must name it, or not? wink


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It's just the way IMHO Ajax must used, only to improve usability without being required.

Actually some Ajax techniques are already used, as validateForm, without XmlHttpRequest. But punbb could improve very much more usability with XmlHttpRequest or an alternative PHP method like the one I signalled.

Just think about quick edit, or a "on the fly" form validator. This could be a big, official preinstalled extension.


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But I think this would be a lot better as an extension, and done with unobtrusive JS instead

It's also my opinion. But if you want to be 100% compatible you must use PHP instead of XmlHttpRequest

Anyway, about asynchronous/synchronous, xml/html... do you read also the other 2 pages of the article? wink


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That isn't in any way AJAX

? I'm pretty sure it is. The article describes a way to update dynamically a page, this is what Ajax techniques do. This is the example in the article.

Some links are opened in a new window if javascript is active (for example BBCode infos). But if javascript is not active I think is good to add, in noscript tags, normal forum template (header, footer etc) and a back link at the top and the end of the page.

I don't suggest to remove quote link, but only to add another link. Quote link could be moved in another, less accessible, position, or could simply stay in actual position (I prefer the first solution, anyway big_smile)

I think it could be also useful a "referring" fast link. Instead of adding the post content as a quote, it adds something like:

Referring to Lucas Malor post

The sintax could be something like:


For the example above, it is [ref=Lucas Malor]109993[/ref]

A very simple request: the last post of a thread would not have "Quote" clickable.

A simple way to discourage useless quotes.


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Because it would very much go against the PunBB idea of being fast, small, and simple.

I admit it's not very simple, but it's decidedly a fast and small technology.

And as Bekko said, some browsers don't support it, some users don't use Javascript, etc.

Well, 90% of browsers are Firefox 1.5.x - 2.0.x, or Internet Explorer 6 - 7.All of them support Ajax (IE6 through  ActiveX, ok... but what works with IE6? tongue). I don't know about OSx browsers, but I think the majority supports it.

Furthermore, much people doesn't allow cookies by default too, but they allow trusted sites. I am one of them, I don't allow javascript nor cookies by default.

Anyway there's a way to use Ajax without xmlhttprequest() with PHP