Can any one tell me why i do get this error :
Parse error: parse error in F:\WP\punbb-1.2.22\punbb-1.2.22\upload\plugins\AP_Feed_Aggregator.php on line 171

i have got an error . i am using 1.2.17 version .
i can able to use PM system. but when i try to open the plug in from Administration section... it says that 'parse....$end  at the end of 159 lines'..

Chacmool wrote:

I'm now done with my latest converter-tool: all converters under one roof!

I've now also added YabbSE v1.5.5 to the list of converters. If someone want's to convert a forum, please try out this beta instead of using the converters from the download page. I've also fixed a bug where some people couldn't use the converter as they had special characters in the database-name.

Screenshot: here.

If you use it, please tell me what you think.

Edit: Beta-url removed. Download from instead.

picture does not come from the link right now...


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any new update in this section

i have using mega pun.. can  i use it to that mega pun..