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No, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

They use too much personal information. With this AND with PRISM in your mind i'm thankful to have some privacy left.

With a Gmail address it can be more effective because you can use additional words to the address. For example: firstnamelastname@gmail.com can also be firstnamelastname.forum1@gmail.com

In this way you can see the results of different forums and the number of spam that's using the specified address.


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Been doing a search in this forum but now answer or Extension jet. Anyone has the knowledge of getting this done?

As i'm still busy to recover the mess after the upgrade of 1.2 to 1.4, i'm looking for an image upload system. The system i would like is a very simple one: a few albums made by the admin of the forum, every uploaded image a title and a description. After uploading the image it should show the image and the URL to insert an image in a post.

Version 1.2 did have something like this: http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … -v20-beta/

But for 1.4 i can't find anything around.

Options like Coppermine are possible bus it requires a lot of programming/editing. As i'm not a devver it's difficult for me or it takes a long time.

Anyone has an idea for a gallery?


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During the installation of the extension it's calling that it needs pun_jquery. This extension has another name in the extension list. Take some doubt away and change the name in this extension.


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Very nice and simple extension.

It would be great when you could add the option for positions "Left", "Middle" and "Right". Not everybody wants an image on the left side of the board. It's already busy at the left side: board title, board description, navigation, breadcrumbs, "logged in as..", etc…

I just wanted to download this mod but all the downloadlinks are giving me an error.

Anyone to give me a hand (or the zipped file of the latest version?).

These are the extensions that are in ure:

Attachment 1.1.19
BBCode buttons 1.4.18
Fancy code highliter 0.7.1
Fancy Link Icons 0.3.1
Fancy Merge Posts 0.6.3
Fancy Similar Topics 0.7.3
Fancy Video Tag 0.4.11
Forum news 1.1.2
Portal by Daris 2.4.3
Private Messaging 2.4.2
Pun Move Posts 1.1.4
Pun poll 2.3
Pun tags 1.8.1
PunBB Repository 1.3.1
Spoiler BBcode 0.8.1
Stop spam from bots 0.3.3

EDIT: Problem solved: during the upgrade from 1.2 to 1.4 posts are cut off when accents are in the post. Therefore some posts stop in the middle of a word. Because of this the quote tag wasn't closed. I closed the quote manually and that solved it.

Thanks for giving me the hint of the quoted message.

Mac OS 10.6.8 with Safari 5.1.7
Link (on that exact page it happens to me, a page further the problem disappeared...)

Don't know how to explain by words. So 2 images can tell you more: (look at the yellow bar)
Before last page:

Last page:

Where can i solve this? It's the Oxygen style, just modified colors.

EDIT: Check my post later in this topic for the solution.

A feature i'm missing is to prune old posts in a topic instead of prune a forum.
Some forums i know, including my own, have "chat-topics". These topics need to be cleaned once in a while. To remove posts one by one by hand is a pain in the butt. (and after the job is done it's a pain in the hand)

So this feature really would be appreciated.

Maybe a very late question about this modification. But i got an error when i copied and pasted everything like written above.

The error i got is

Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/virtual/site23/fst/var/www/html/viewtopic.php on line 167

The line in the script is:

    $poster_name = mysql_fetch_row($db->query('SELECT username FROM '.$db->prefix.'users WHERE id="'.$pun_user['id'].'"'));

EDIT: Problem solved: mysql_fetch_row changed into $db-> fetch_row.

Now i have to solve the problem with an  in the topic title.

I put this code in the .htaccess file and then it works. Strange but true, without any prompting of strange code, or without the warning that i had before. Thank you for thinking with me. If you need to know anything further to help solving this issue please react in here.

I got the next plugins working:
Move topic mod

Probably some more, but these are visible in the plugins map. For other mod's i need to search trough all the available mods what meanse a lot of work. I hope it will lead to an answer with these mods.

Yes i can:

Sometimes i put a message on the forum that i moderate with a link to a How-To: wiki. If i cut and paste it straight into a post or in a link with url= tags the message won't post.

An appropriate representation of the requested resource /post.php could not be found on this server.

is the message i got when i try with only a link.

I tried a little further and discovered that only


is causing the same problem. So it has to do with it.

The version of PunBB we use is 1.2.16, maybe not the latest but we'll deal with it because there are plugins installed.

One of the URL's is this one: http://www.macwiki.nl/wiki/How-To:Adres … uteplanner
It's just one of a lot of the wiki pages that have How-To: in the URL.

I've got a Wiki and a PunBB forum. On the forum sometimes i want to post a link to a how-to of the wiki. Punbb won't let me do it. I found out that the part "How-To:" is causing the trouble. I can not change the wiki, but maybe i can (or have to) change something in the PunBB code.

In here is the "How-to" namespace of the wiki (Dutch). The links i put in the posts go straight to a wiki that is in there.


Found the solution:

In rss.php is a part that checks the rights of a group:

$result = $db->query("
    SELECT p.id AS id, p.message AS message, p.posted AS postposted, t.subject AS subject, f.forum_name, c.cat_name 
    FROM ".$db->prefix."posts p
    LEFT JOIN ".$db->prefix."topics t 
    ON p.topic_id=t.id 
    INNER JOIN ".$db->prefix."forums AS f 
    ON f.id=t.forum_id 
    LEFT JOIN ".$db->prefix."categories AS c 
    ON f.cat_id = c.id
    LEFT JOIN ".$db->prefix."forum_perms AS fp 
    ON (
        AND fp.group_id=4
    WHERE (
        fp.read_forum IS NULL 
        OR fp.read_forum=1

Important in this piece of code is:

AND fp.group_id=4

If this group ID is wrong or it is the code of the group with different rights then it doesn't work like it should. For people who made up groups by themselves it's a good thing to know!

Don't know if it came by already, did a search but didn't get any results that suited.

In the RSS feed of our PUNBB forum there are also posts that are made in the Admin area. Is there a way to keep them out of there?
If not then is should be a buggie.

Version: 1.2.16


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Why aren't all scripts made to put in a different language?  I tried to make the admin area in Dutch, hell of a job. Would be good that someone organised a group that creates all the scripts translatable. I could do it so that we can offer PunBB a full translatable forum in any language and more easy to customize by the users.

EDIT: Excuse, i didn't see that this was the 1.3 area. Anyone who knows about the easier translating of all the scripts? (even the admin area?)

At this moment i'm busy to translate the admin area to the Dutch language. When it's finished i'll make it available in here. I think it's little stupid to keep everything for myself while other people would do the same.


I need to insert a link on my forum without the http:// or www in front. It is a link to an AIM chatroom, there is no webserver that finds that a link so it puts http:// in front. I can change it in the database but i doesn't work. Punbb makes it standard again with http://. Is there a workaround for this item?

Check, this works perfect to get all underlines away.

Problem solved. I asked a smarty that was in my buddylist and together we figured out things. The header is now better then ever big_smile

It was a case of trial and error until i found some lines that really made a difference. I'm still not a programmer in PHP and CSS...

This thing is still not solved. I really have no idea where to look for the right code and what to do to get it right on it's place... Now i disabled it, but i want to have it back....

Thanks in advance!